Spiritual Significance of Diwali | Happy Diwali Wishes

Spiritual Significance of Diwali | Happy Diwali Wishes imageSpiritual Significance of Diwali | Happy Diwali Wishes

Diwali is the festival of lights, with everyone lighting diyas, lamps & lanterns at their homes. Hence, let’s also ignite the light of knowledge within, which dispels the darkness of sorrow & allows us to remain happy always, by reminding us that:
  • We’re originally a very pure, divine, peaceful, loving, happy soul… Hence, we don’t need to run after these virtues outside, just need to remain in this elevated self-awareness for their experience to flow through us
  • We get God’s accurate introduction i.e., He’s an Incorporeal soul, Ocean of all Virtues. This enables us to instantly connect to Him anytime, and experience a powerful current of His energy & pure vibrations of peace love happiness. This acts like recharging of our battery, which makes everything including inculcation of virtues easy
  • Thoughts of the past fail to pull our happiness down, since we realize that every scene of this world drama is accurate (being just a return of past karma), beneficial (even if the benefit may be hidden) & nothing new


Diwali is followed by the New Year, hence it’s also the occasion of newness where we’ll purchase new things. However, since the impact of physical things on the mind is very temporary, let’s also inculcate newness in our thoughts beliefs responses & habits. Since it’s this newness which leads to a permanent benefit in the lives of us & those around us, hence truly making our new year prosperous. Indeed this new year, let’s join a new relation with the Supreme, which’ll fill us with beautiful experiences making our entire life new & wonderful.


Diwali is the time of celebration, when we lovingly visit each other’s homes, distribute & eat sweets, share gifts, burst firecrackers, visit the temple, get a holiday, etc. Hence,
  • To truly celebrate life, let’s emerge the attitude of gratitude, and thank each & every person & object for their invaluable role in our life. Indeed, let’s also thank challenges & situations for making us strong
  • Let’s spread sweetness through our words, by keeping in awareness others’ virtues specialities help & support and then speak
  • Share the gift of good wishes & pure feelings with all, and forget past matters held against others
  • Like when we visit a temple, we first remove our shoes then apply tilak then worship God…. Similarly, let’s remove the influence of body consciousness (shoes), by considering ourselves a soul (apply the tilak of self-awareness), and this soul consciousness will instantly connect us to God, filling us with His powers, hence fulfilling all our hopes & aspirations, making our life a celebration
  • Diwali is also called Shubh Diwali, hence let’s make this holiday a holy day, where we think & listen to only pure & divine matters


We usually clean our houses before worshipping Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali. Hence, let’s clean our mind too to invoke the divinity within. Indeed, let’s remove any clouds of negativity, which’ll make the sun of virtues shine again.


The festival of Diwali follows the festivals of Navratri & Dussehra. Hence, only when we first win over the weaknesses (Ravan) within, by emerging our inner powers (Shaktis) through meditation, our life becomes a celebration (Diwali) with newness (New year) all around.


The word diya itself means to give, hence let’s give to all. Further, like the diya consists of a flame & earthen vessel, we’re also souls (flame) in this physical body (earthen vessel). Hence, when we remain in this elevated awareness & experience of our original virtues, we automatically keep giving in numerous ways:
  • An elevated state of mind radiates elevated vibrations around, leading to harmony in relations & a beautiful atmosphere around
  • What we experience inside is what we share with others. Hence when we’re experiencing our original virtues, we automatically share smiles & sweet words, encourage & appreciate, etc
  • It emerges the feeling that everyone should benefit from what I’ve received, hence making us share our spiritual knowledge, transformation & attainments with all, inspiring their transformation too
By giving we get the blessings of all, which helps us easily maintain an elevated stage without efforts, hence truly making life a celebration for us & everyone around.


Although diyas are available in different colors shapes sizes etc, their flame is the same. Similarly, we may be different in terms of the body (age, gender, caste, language, nationality, position, achievements, etc) but as souls we’re one (being children of the same Supreme Father, having the same original virtues, sharing the same home, etc). This emerges a natural feeling of unity & closeness with all.


Many of us will create a beautiful colorful rangoli outside our homes. Similarly, let’s make our life also full of the divine colours of virtues & powers, which’ll reflect through our sparkling smiling face & elevated character, delighting all.

Conclusion (Happy Diwali Wishes)

God reveals Diwali is symbolic of the 1st day of Satyuga, where there’s the light of 100% purity & divinity all around, where each day is a festival & each moment a celebration… Hence, let us too ignite the diya of soul-consciousness within by filling ourselves with the oil of knowledge & by connecting to the ever-shining flame God, this’ll keep emerged the experience of original virtues within us always. Further, like 1 diya illuminates several other diyas around, we’ll become instrumental in transforming the lives of numerous souls around us, hence helping create Satyuga again!


Om Shanti!
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