Spiritual Significance of Firecrackers | Fireworks, Crackers, Sparklers

Spiritual Significance of Firecrackers | Fireworks, Crackers, Sparklers imageSpiritual Significance of Firecrackers | Fireworks, Crackers, Sparklers

Firecrackers are burst with a lot of joy & excitement… Hence, denoting the soul’s original virtues of joy & bliss!

The joy of virtues!

Although the rocket is small, it lights up the whole sky… Similarly, let’s become those special few souls, who brighten & color the lives of everyone around!

The sparkler (fuljar) is the simplest firecracker, yet shines so beautifully… Hence, simplicity (i.e., keeping our thoughts simple) is where our true beauty lies!

The fountain goes up so high… Similarly, let’s maintain an elevated state of mind always!

The ground roller (jameen chakaddi) keeps moving round & round… Similarly, let’s keep moving around (i.e., remembering) God!

The snake firecracker is like a small point, but when lighted a snake emerges from it… Similarly, it’s the tiny soul which creates thoughts & brings them into action… Hence, let’s empower the mind, to ensure these creations of ours (i.e., our thoughts, words & actions) are always most elevated! 

Building beautiful relationships

Even spectators enjoy looking at fireworks… Hence, when we become virtuous from within, everyone around is also automatically benefited!

Even very grand firecrackers need to be lit by the simple sparkler… Similarly, even though we may achieve a lot in life, let’s not forget those who’ve acted as the silent backbone for us!… i.e., our parents & family, teachers, friends, etc

Best Practices

Firecrackers cause pollution, which harms us as well as others… Hence, let’s avoid polluting our mind with negative information, which creates negative thoughts hence harming us as well as others!

Some firecrackers (like the bomb) make a lot of noise… Hence, let’s avoid disturbing others!

The firecrackers of harsh words!

Firecrackers are expensive… Similarly, speaking harsh words can be quite costly (i.e., can have a significantly negative impact on our life)… Hence, let’s avoid these!

Indeed even if others speak harsh words, let’s learn to accept their behaviour to send them much needed vibrations of peace & love!

The firecrackers of transformation!

Firecrackers are always burst in the night… Hence, it’s only in this dark night of Kaliyuga, there’re so many bombs & missiles invented, which in the end (after we’re complete & ready!) very easily help transform the world from Kaliyuga to Satyuga!

Conclusion (Spiritual Significance of Firecrackers)

Hence today, let’s make our life a celebration every moment, by filling it with the sparkle of virtues!… This also delights everyone around, inspiring them to become virtuous too, hence bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Firecrackers contain the word Fire… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from Fire!

Children love bursting firecrackers… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from children!

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