Spiritual Significance of Lights & Lanterns | Diwali Kandil

Spiritual Significance of Lights & Lanterns | Diwali Kandil imageSpiritual Significance of Lights & Lanterns | Diwali Kandil

A walk down the road during Diwali, makes us see lots of varieties of colorful lanterns… Hence, let’s also fill our life with the color of virtues!

Traditional lanterns simply consisted of a string of neem leaves surrounded by flowers, tied above the door… Hence, denoting health (neem) as well as virtues (i. e., fragrant like flowers!)

The light of knowledge!

It’s only the absence of light, which results in darkness… Hence, let’s remain full of the light of knowledge, to remain free from the darkness of sorrow & negativity!

In Diwali, even the nights look bright & full of light… Hence, when we’re full of the light of knowledge, we can remain ever-happy even in this dark night of Kaliyuga!

Lanterns are full of light… Hence, let’s become a light-house, which shows the way to all!

Indeed, considering ourselves a point of light (soul) & remembering the Supreme Light… Keeps us full of the light of love & happiness!

The Supreme Light!

While diya represents soul-consciousness (i.e., soul in body, like flame in earthen vessel), the lantern can refer to the ever-shining light God!

Indeed, like the lantern is always tied above, God lives above in the soul world!

And like the lantern is full of different colors, God is full of different virtues!… i.e., He’s the Ocean of Purity, Peace, Love, Happiness & Powers!

Lanterns are made of light-weight paper… Similarly, even God’s remembrance (as per His accurate introduction i.e, He’s an Incorporeal Soul, Ocean of peace love & joy!) makes us feel very light!

Lanterns are designed very beautifully… Similarly, following God’s elevated directions in life, also makes our life beautifully designed i.e., beneficial & accurate at every step!

The convenience!

Today, there’re electrical lights available, which turn on with the touch of a button… Similarly, even changing our state of mind requires just the touch of a button… i.e., just need to listen to a good spiritual class on YouTube (or Peace of Mind channel!)

Such useful & convenient electrical lights are available at minimal cost… Similarly & even better, every program by Brahma Kumaris is conducted absolutely free of charge! 

Conclusion (Spiritual Significance of Lights & Lanterns | Diwali Kandil)

Hence today, let’s fill our life with the color of virtues, to become a lighthouse for all… Further, let’s also connect to the Supreme Light God, which keeps us filled with His divine spiritual energy, making everything easy & also illuminates the lives of everyone around…  Hence, this play of light will bring the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Many traditional lanterns contain a diya inside… Hence, let’s also understand the spiritual significance of diyas!

Many fly Lanterns in the evening on Makar Sankranti (Kite Festival)

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