Spiritual Significance of Diwali House Cleaning

Spiritual Significance of Diwali House Cleaning image - A clean home!Spiritual Significance of Diwali House Cleaning

We clean the house, before invoking Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali… This just denotes cleaning the mind, to invoke the divinity within!

Cleaning the mind!

Cleanliness is liked by all… Since it’s related to the soul’s original virtue of purity!

The cleaning during Diwali is significant… Similarly this Diwali, let’s clean even the subtle shades of negativity from within us!

If a neighbour’s cleaning his house, we never put their garbage inside our house… Similarly let’s avoid looking at defects & weaknesses of others!

While cleaning, we open many un-touched closets, & remove unwanted things… Similarly, let’s ensure we haven’t held any matters of the past, in any section of our memory!

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We use brooms, mops & cleansing agents for cleaning… Hence, let’s use:

  • The broom of spiritual knowledge… To clean the dust of any negative emotions & thoughts (jealousy, hurry, anger, guilt, etc) that may arise!
  • The mop of meditation (with the cleansing agent of God’s remembrance)… To finish all the vices & weaknesses within!
  • Then, the water of silence… To ensure we’re ready for the tasks ahead!

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The home of the soul!

This body is also our house (i.e., the home of the soul)… Hence, let’s keep it very clean, pure & healthy!

In particular,

  • The eyes are the windows of the soul… Hence, let’s clean these, by only looking at virtues & specialities of all!
  • The ears are the ventilators (ie airway passages)… Hence, let’s keep these clean by avoiding listening to gossip, weaknesses of others, etc
  • The mouth is the door… Hence, let’s only speak sweet words, filled with knowledge!

The body is like our temple… Hence, let’s only put pure food cooked in God’s remembrance (i.e., prasad) inside it!

Conclusion (Spiritual Significance of Diwali House Cleaning)

Hence today, let’s clean the mind of all unpleasantness, through the power of spiritual knowledge & meditation… Which automatically emerges the divinity (i.e., the constant experience of peace, love & joy) within, hence very easily bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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