Spiritual Pest Control

Spiritual Pest Control pictureToday 6th June is World Pest Day. Hence today, let’s discuss some wonderful spiritual aspects on spiritual pest control!

Avoiding becoming a pest!

Pests are a nuisance… Similarly, to avoid becoming a nuisance for others, let’s keep our words very soft & sweet!

Everyone dislikes pests… Similarly, let’s avoid becoming such that people are happier in our absence, rather in than our presence!

Pest control is a profession today… Similarly, let’s avoid becoming such that people need to find ways to escape us!

Indeed, to avoid becoming a pest for others, let’s give our mind proper rest through meditation!

Becoming free from the pest of negative emotions!

Pest control is done periodically… Similarly, let’s also keep checking our thoughts regularly, to remain free from the pests of negative emotions!

Spiders sometimes get caught up in their own web… Similarly, let’s reduce our pace of thinking, to avoid getting caught up by our own thoughts!

Pests occur more in an old vacant home… Similarly, negative emotions occur more if we never look inside ourselves… Hence, let’s build a wonderful relationship with the self, to remain full of our original virtues of peace, love & happiness always!

Indeed, when we overcome the pest of negative emotions, we become the best & life becomes a fest! (ie festival or celebration!)

Pests occur more when the surroundings are unclean… Hence, when our state of mind is unclean & discharged, we actually end up creating more situations by unnecessarily reacting… Hence, let’s empower the mind to remain peaceful & happy always!

Some unnecessarily fear cockroaches, while some are absolutely fearless… Similarly, let’s fearlessly face & finish our old sanskars of sorrow!

Some pests (ie termites) even eat up furniture… Hence, let’s avoid eating things unhealthy for us, & always eat the most nutritious foods… Indeed, let’s take this a step further by only cooking & eating food in God’s loving remembrance, which radiates & absorbs powerful vibrations in the food, hence helping heal the mind & body!

Becoming a spiritual pest-controller!

Pest control is a source of income for many… Hence, alongwith earning physical wealth, let’s also earn the wealth of an elevated state of mind through spiritual knowledge & meditation… Because while earning physical wealth is definitely very very important for fulfilling physical needs, we all know there’s a limit to what money can buy:

  • Money can buy treatment, but not necessarily health… Which we get through an emotionally stable & light mind!
  • Money can buy expensive gifts for each other, but not necessarily true long-lasting loving relations… Which we get by first having a wonderful relationship with the Self!
  • Money can buy entertainment & travel, not necessarily true permanent joy & happiness!
  • Money can buy physical comfort, but not necessarily emotional stability… Which we experience through an empowered mind!

Pest controllers are quick at their work… Similarly, let’s make ourselves so full of the power of knowledge, that we’re able to quickly resolve & finish any negative emotion that may arise!

Pests are killed using chemical sprays… Instead, let’s put on ourselves the spray of elevated experiences in meditation… To give a new life to all ie help everyone around experience their original virtues of peace, love & happiness once again!

Although there’re many types of pests, most are killed using the same single spray… Similarly, God says the single practice of soul-consciousness is enough to overcome all vices, weaknesses & sorrow within us… Hence, let’s focus fully on becoming soul-conscious, by:

  • Listening to God’s spiritual knowledge daily… Where God reminds us daily that “You’re a very pure, divine, peaceful soul!“
  • Connecting to God in meditation… Which shifts us to a very high frequency, much higher above the limits of weaknesses!

Indeed, this empowerment of the mind ensures we’re able to face the pest of tests (ie any challenges that may occur) in a very stable & powerful manner!

Pest controllers sometimes get contracts of whole buildings… Similarly, God says you’re instrumental in transforming the whole world from Kaliyuga to Satyuga!


Hence on World Pest Day today, let’s avoid becoming a pest (ie nuisance) for others… By finishing the pests of negative emotions from within us, using the spray of spiritual knowledge & meditation… This ensures we become spiritual pest-controllers ie help others also overcome the pests of weaknesses from within them, hence becoming instrumental in bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from honeybees!

The word pest matches with the word nest… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from birds!

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