Spiritual Inspirations from Sunglasses

Spiritual Inspirations from Sunglasses picture27th June is Sunglasses Day. Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from sunglasses!

The style of virtues!

Sunglasses are light-weight… Similarly, let’s also become very light from within!

Sunglasses are available in numerous colors… Hence, let’s fill our life with the color of numerous divine virtues!

Colorless glasses are also available… Similarly, let’s ensure full transparency ie harmony between our thoughts, words & actions!

Sunglasses look stylish… Similarly, let’s adopt the spiritual style of:

  • Being happy always, irrespective of situations people & body condition!
  • Always looking at the virtues & specialities of others, irrespective of their behaviour!

Wearing sunglasses makes us see the world in a different color… Hence, let’s put on the sunglasses of spiritual knowledge, to see the hidden benefit in each & every scene!

Although sunglasses (& spectacles) are meant for the eyes, wearing them requires the support of both nose & ears… Similarly, although we have achieved lots of success in life, many souls (e. x., our parents, teachers & friends) have acted as the backbone for it… Hence, let’s never forget their immense value!

Changing our thoughts! 

Sunglasses are available in different shapes & sizes… Similarly, there’re numerous practical ways of maintaining an elevated state of mind, even during our routine day at work, like:

  • Taking 1-minute meditation breaks a few times… To remain very fresh & recharged!
  • Keeping a spiritual aim for the day… ex. I’ll remain peaceful the whole day today!
  • Seeing the virtues & specialities of each colleague we come into interaction with!
  • During our usual lunch & restroom breaks, quickly read & revise an elevated point of spiritual knowledge… To keep in awareness at the back of the mind while working!

Wearing red sunglasses makes us see red, while green sunglasses makes us see green… Hence, everyone’s perspective is different because everyone’s filter of sanskars is different… Hence, let’s always remember that although others are different, they’re right from their perspective, hence they’re not wrong!

Sunglasses are usually very cheap… Hence, let’s not make our state of mind so cheap, that it gets disturbed in the smallest of matters!

Older cataract operations necessitated wearing special glasses to protect from dust going into the eyes… Similarly, let’s protect ourselves from seeing or watching anything impure, negative or waste!

Dust can get accumulated on the sunglasses, hence affecting vision… Similarly, let’s protect ourselves from the dust of looking at defects of others!

Indeed, God recommends us to wear the spectacles of specialities… i.e., keep seeing the virtues & specialities of all!

Wearing sunglasses for long periods can irritate the portion above the ears… Similarly, let’s avoid talking too much for long periods, which can irritate others!

The wealth of spiritual experiences!

Many keep a large collection of sunglasses… Similarly, let’s collect the wealth of wonderful spiritual experiences, by implementing each point of spiritual knowledge in our life!

To become like sunglasses, let’s keep watching wonderful spiritual classes! (ie sessions!)

Many keep folded sunglasses in their pocket… Hence, let’s always keep God’s elevated versions & spiritual classes in our pocket (ie mobile), to re-read & revise frequently!

Sunglasses are worn outdoors… Hence, whenever we go outdoors, let’s always keep God’s loving umbrella (ie canopy) of protection over us, to also radiate divine vibrations to everyone around us!

Many push up their sunglasses over the eyes (& on the forehead) when not needed, but still keep wearing them… Similarly, even while being very busy at work, let’s remain in touch with God & His elevated directions!

Today, there’re VR (virtual reality) glasses available to see videos in virtual reality… Similarly, let’s use our pure intellect to very easily & naturally experience the powerful silence of soul world, & our elevated future of Satyuga!

Special glasses are required to watch 3D movies… Similarly, let’s wear the glasses of spiritual knowledge in our mind, to experience the purest & most elevated visuals of soul world & Satyuga in our intellect!

Sunglasses are sometimes offered for free, alongside other items… And here, God offers us His spiritual knowledge 100% free of charge… Because children (ie we souls) always have a right over their Father (ie the Supreme Soul), hence He can never ever charge even a single penny from us!

Best Practices

We need to remove sunglasses before choosing & purchasing clothes, curtains, etc to be able to see the right color… Similarly, each time before making an important decision, let’s always sit in silence & meditation for a few minutes, to remove outside influence & hence make the perfect decision!

To become like sunglasses, let’s avoid just following the masses (ie doing what everyone is doing), but let’s follow God’s elevated directions for us!

It’s recommended to wear protective glasses while watching an eclipse… Similarly while hearing what’s happening in society, rather than just getting influenced, let’s focus on what we can do to make things right!… And proceed even if our actions may seem small & insignificant, because it’s this self-transformation which leads to world transformation!

Sunglasses can break on falling down… Hence, even if our elevated state of mind falls down sometimes, let’s not allow it to break (ie spoil) our day… i.e., let’s quickly pause for a minute, take personal responsibility, resolve the issue, fill ourselves with God’s powers, & move on!

Some eye infections require wearing special glasses to avoid the infection spreading over to others… Similarly, even every negative thought we create radiates to the environment around, hence affecting others… Thus, let’s aim not to create even a single negative thought!

Special water-proof glasses are worn during swimming, to be able to see clearly in the water, without water going into the eyes… Similarly, let’s become Maya-proof ie free from even the influence of our past sanskars!

Wearing dark sunglasses hides our eye-expressions… Hence, let’s lead such a spotless & illustrious life, that we never need to hide anything from anyone… ie our life becomes like an open book, from which everyone can benefit!

Sunglasses also come under fashion… Hence, rather than the physical fashion of attracting everyone towards the body, let’s attract everyone towards the soul’s original virtues of purity, peace & joy!


Hence on Sunglasses Day today, let’s wear the sunglasses of spiritual knowledge, to see the virtues & specialities of all, & appreciate the hidden benefit in each & every scene!… This naturally enhances our quality of life, ie increases the experience of peace love & joy in our lives… And we also keep focusing on increasing the inculcation of divine virtues in ourselves, hence becoming instrumental in bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

The word Sunglasses contains the word Sun… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from the Sun!

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