Spiritual Significance of Labh Pancham | Happy Labh Pancham Wishes

Spiritual Significance of Labh Pancham | Happy Labh Pancham Wishes

Traditionally, Labh Pancham marks the end of the Diwali holidays, & work starting again… Hence, it’s believed there’s labh (i.e., benefit) in starting new ventures on this day!

Experiencing labh (i.e., benefit) at every step!

Our thoughts at the start of the venture, influence the entire venture… Hence, let’s create thoughts like:

  • Success is my birthright
  • God is with me
  • I’m bound to succeed

to remain 100% sure of success always!

And success doesn’t necessarily mean situations being as expected… Indeed even becoming experienced, learning new things, etc is a form of progress & success!

And since challenges are bound to come whenever we start anything new, let’s empower our mind in advance (through spiritual knowledge & meditation)… So that situations only result in our benefit, rather than decline!

Indeed, God says every action performed in my accurate remembrance, is bound to give benefit at every step!

Celebrating Diwali spiritually!

Labh Pancham follows the festival of Diwali… Hence, if we truly understand & implement the Spiritual Significance of Diwali (i.e., we’ve used our holidays productively for empowering the mind), our whole life becomes full of benefit!

Indeed, when our state of mind is elevated, our actions automatically benefit us & others around!

The true meaning of Shubh Labh

The words shubh (i.e., auspicious) & labh (i.e., benefit) are usually found together… Hence, when our stage is pure & auspicious (shubh) from within, our actions automatically bring benefit (labh) to us & others around!

Many put the Shubh Labh stickers on their door… Hence, let’s also stick in our mind, the awareness of shubh labh (i.e., when our thoughts are shubh, the result is always labh!), to experience benefit at every step!

Alongwith the Shubh Labh stickers, we also usually find:

  • Footprints of Goddess Lakshmi… Hence becoming pure, divine & virtuous like Goddess Lakshmi!
  • Swastik… Hence, denoting making our swa-sthiti (state of mind) very pure & powerful!
  • Shree Ganesh… Hence when we become an embodiment of wisdom, we become Vighna Vinashak (Destroyer of our Obstacles)

Conclusion (Happy Labh Pancham Wishes)

Hence today, let’s ensure only the most elevated & high-quality thoughts, to experience labh (i.e., benefit) at every step… Indeed, let’s keep our stage so pure & auspicious, that we bring the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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