Spiritual Inspirations from Ice Cream (Ice Cream Day)

Spiritual Inspirations from Ice Cream (Ice Cream Day) pictureWish you a very cool Ice Cream Day

The 3rd Sunday of July is Ice Cream Day. Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from Ice Cream!

The virtue of coolness!

Ice Cream is very cool… Hence, let’s also become very cool within like ice cream!

Indeed, while the physical ice-cream can cause cold & costs money, this ice-cream of inner coolness is completely free & has only benefits!

We need to store ice cream in the freezer (ie the top compartment of the refrigerator)… Similarly, let’s always remain in the cool & soothing presence of the Ocean of Peace, God, who’s the Highest!

Ice Cream can’t be eaten by all, since it can cause cough & colds… But this wonderful spiritual ice-cream of meditation can be experienced by one & all, irrespective of anything!

To become cool like Ice Cream Let’s live the dream of belonging to God, & perform every action in His divine love & remembrance!

We need to eat ice cream quickly to ensure it doesn’t melt away… Similarly, time is also like a melting ice-cream, with each second constantly passing, hence let’s make the most of every moment!

The Ice-cream Cake combines ice-cream with cake… Hence, when we become cool within like ice-cream, we automatically become very soft outside like cake!

Ensuring cool relationships!

Ice Cream comes in many wonderful innovative flavors… Hence, alongwith being serious & sincere, let’s also be very jolly & light-hearted with all!

The demand for ice cream is higher in the summer season… Similarly in today’s hot & hostile times of stress & sorrow, everyone’s looking for souls to guide them towards the experience of true peace & happiness… Hence, let’s become those divine cool angels, who lead by example!

While making ice cream, even a few drops of essence is enough… Similarly, we don’t necessarily need to spend hours with everyone for good relations, just a few minutes of powerful interaction filled with true love & belongingness is enough to satisfy the hearts of all!

Ice Cream comes in many forms (cup, cone, etc)… Similarly, let’s make our personality so dynamic that people of all ages, gender, etc can be comfortable & happy in our presence… Indeed for this, we just need to consider ourselves & others as souls, this automatically radiates very elevated vibrations comforting all!

Best Practices

Ice Cream is served in scoops… Hence, let’s take large scoops of spiritual knowledge daily, to remain full of coolness the whole day!

Cone is V-shaped, and V stands for victory… Hence, let’s always remain in the awareness that ‘I’m a victorious jewel’!… ie it’s definite I’ll be victorious (ie stable & happy) in every scene of life!

Ice Cream needs to be preserved in cold storage, which uses a lot of electrical energy… Similarly to preserve our elevated state of mind always, need to remain connected to God, the Supreme Source of Spiritual Energy!

Ice Cream has lots of calories which increase weight… Similarly, let’s avoid burdening ourself with the weight of waste talks, to experience being very happy & light always (as if flying!)

Cones are crispy… Hence, let’s remain crisp & clear in our thoughts & belief systems, to experience a life of stability & harmony always!

Vanilla is the simplest flavor, yet most preferred & popular… Similarly, let’s adopt the concept of ‘Simple Living, High Thinking’, to experience a life of peace & true happiness always!

Butterscotch is a popular flavor… Hence, let’s make our sanskars as smooth as butter, such that everyone can live happily alongside us!

Spiritual Inspirations from Ice Cream (Ice Cream Day) picture - Ice Cream Flavors

Many don’t eat strawberry directly, but readily eat strawberry ice-cream… Similarly, many don’t like to listen or read knowledge directly, hence instead let’s inculcate & become such an embodiment of knowledge, that everyone takes easy benefit & inspiration from our life!… Hence, triggering their interest & elevated progress too!

Remaining Cool Always with Spirituality!

Ice Cream is also available in bar or candy form ie ice-cream on stick… Hence, the very cool & delicious ice cream can be equated to the soul, & body with stick… Hence, let’s always interact with others as souls, to very easily & naturally look at their specialities (and accept their sanskars), thus making our relations very very beautiful!

While preparing ice cream, even a little bit of essence is enough to flavor the entire preparation… Similarly, even a few minutes of experiencing powerful silence in early morning meditation is enough to make the entire day much more easier!

Many are addicted to ice cream, & keep eating even though having cough & cold… Hence today, let’s realize that any addiction to external substances arises only when we’re disconnected from the source of permanent happiness within… Hence, let’s start filling ourselves with true happiness through spiritual knowledge & meditation, to remain free from all subtle addictions & dependencies!

Many keep eating ice cream even though being obese, & on the verge of many illnesses… Hence, let’s realize that temporary attainments can never satisfy the permanent soul… Hence, it’s high time we fill ourselves with true happiness through Spirituality, to ensure we also take the right care of this invaluable instrument (ie body!)


Hence on Ice Cream Day today, let’s become very cool within, by remaining connected to the Ocean of Peace God… This automatically ensures we keep sharing this coolness with all, healing everyone around… Hence, this emerging of divine sanskars within & serving all, will bring the divine ever-cool land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Children love ice cream… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from children!

Chocolate is one of the flavors used in Ice cream… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from chocolate!

Ice Cream is made using milk… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from milk!

The word ice-cream contains the word ice… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from water!

The kulfi variety of ice cream looks like a tree… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from forests & trees!

Ice Cream is also available in Family Packs… Hence, let’s also learn how to build harmonious relationships with all! 

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