Spiritual Inspirations from Selfies

Spiritual Inspirations from Selfies pictureToday is Selfie Day. Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from selfies! 

Connecting to our original Self!

Selfies are very popular… Hence, when we connect to our true self & our original virtues of peace love & happiness, we become everyone’s favorite!

Many instantly share their selfies on social media after clicking… Similarly, when we connect to our original virtues (of peace love & happiness), those vibrations instantly radiate all around, hence flavoring the environment around with the same virtues!

Since everyone has a phone today, everyone can take selfies… Similarly, everyone of us can connect to our original pure divine self at any time!… By just creating the right thought ‘I’m a very pure, divine, peaceful, loving soul’!

Today, selfie sticks are available enabling us to take selfies from a distance… But we don’t need anything physical for connecting to our true inner self, just need the right thoughts!

Everyone likes taking selfies with celebrities… Hence, let’s take a selfie with the biggest celebrity God, in meditation daily!

Looking at our Self!

Today, many phones have a more powerful front facing camera than the rear facing camera… Hence, let’s see & check ourselves (ie our thoughts) rather than just looking at others!

Indeed, like camera apps can switch from normal mode to selfie mode (& vice versa) in a second… Let’s switch from looking at others to looking at ourselves in a second!

Selfies can be taken on our own ie we don’t need to depend on others for clicking pictures… Similarly, let’s also go beyond all subtle dependencies of the mind!

When taking a selfie, we keep a lot of attention on ensuring the right expressions… Similarly, God says each of your act is being shooted (which will repeat the next cycle)… Hence, let’s ensure the same attention on every moment!

Taking a selfie feels like looking in the mirror… Similarly, let’s keep checking our activities in the mirror of our conscience, to ensure our acts are consistent with the inner voice of the soul!

Spiritual Inspirations from the Youth

Selfies are very popular among the Youth… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from the Youth:

  • Youth have a lot of strength… Similarly, let’s become emotionally very strong from within!
  • Youth are very enthusiastic… Similarly, let’s become enthusiastic in making fast progress in maintaining an elevated state of mind always!
  • Everyone has high expectations on Youth… Similarly, let’s fulfill the divine aspirations God has on us!


Hence on Selfie Day today, let’s connect to our original self and the Supreme, to remain full of the experience of divine virtues & powers… Then, let’s also keep checking & changing our thoughts to conserve energy, thereby remain full of energy the whole day… This will (also provide an illustrious example to all, hence making) make us instrumental in bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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