Spiritual Inspirations from Mosquitoes (World Mosquito Day)

Spiritual Inspirations from Mosquitoes (World Mosquito Day) imageSpiritual Inspirations from Mosquitoes (World Mosquito Day)

Tomorrow 20th August is World Mosquito Day. Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from mosquitoes!

The experience of our original virtues!

Mosquitoes fly in the air… Similarly, let’s keep flying in the experience of peace love & joy always!

Mosquitoes are very tiny… Similarly, let’s also become very small & egoless!

Mosquitoes reduce in winter… Hence let’s remain very cool & calm from within, to protect from small petty matters unduly influencing us!

Without mosquitoes, the world would be a better place to live in… Similarly, without our emotions of anger worry etc, our life would be much much better to live… Indeed, it becomes a celebration every moment, a festival every day!

Some use mosquito repellant coils (which create smoke).. Similarly, practicing meditation radiates very pure & powerful vibrations all around, purifying the subtle atmosphere around & making it divine!

Excess mosquitoes is a sign of uncleanliness somewhere… Similarly, the feeling of sorrow is a sign of creation of negative & waste thoughts… Hence let’s check & change them, to remain in the elevated feeling of happiness always!

Avoiding becoming a nuisance!

Mosquitoes are a nuisance… Similarly, let’s avoid becoming a nuisance for others!

The mosquito’s bite is sharp & nasty… Similarly when we laugh at others, even though we might enjoy, others might experience a lot of hurt… Hence, let’s avoid such activities!

Mosquitoes are black & ugly… Hence, when we harass others, we become black & ugly from within!

Everyone rushes to avoid repel & kill mosquitoes… Similarly, let’s not make our behaviour such that, people are happier when we’re not around!

Mosquitoes cause various diseases like malaria, dengue, etc… Hence, let’s avoid inflicting others with the disease of pain & sorrow!

Mosquitoes feed on blood… Similarly, let’s never become happy on seeing others’ sorrow, since it’s a deep negative karma!

The word mosquito contains the word quit… Hence, let’s quit all addictions & wrong practices from today!

Empowering the Self!

The personality of Purity!

Some use mosquito repellant sprays to repel mosquitoes… Hence when we remain engaged in creating pure & elevated thoughts, those vibrations create an aura of purity around us, which repels even a single negative vibration from coming towards us! 

Mosquitoes breed in unclean water… Similarly, when there’s impurity within, it gives birth to all other vices & weaknesses!… Hence, let’s start becoming 100% pure by remaining connected to the Ocean of Purity God!

The importance of spiritual knowledge!

A mosquito bite keeps itching afterwards… Similarly, even if we put in negative information for just few minutes, it then keeps influencing our thoughts subtly… Hence, let’s protect ourselves from negative information!

Some keep mosquito nets on their windows, to protect from mosquitoes coming in… Similarly, let’s use the net of spiritual knowledge to protect from negative emotions coming in!

After biting, mosquitoes sit on the wall to digest blood..  Similarly let’s spare atleast few minutes daily, for churning & assimilating spiritual knowledge within us!

Making our time successful!

Mosquitoes have a very short life-span… Similarly even we don’t know how many days of life we have, hence let’s make our every moment successful through God’s remembrance & spiritually serving others!

Mosquitoes make a buzzing sound in the ears of all… Hence, let’s avoid buzzing waste talks in the ears of others, instead let’s keep buzzing spiritual knowledge in the ears of all!  

Some tie mosquito nets around their beds… Hence, let’s always sleep in the loving canopy of God’s remembrance, to experience the most peaceful & high-quality sleep!

Many use electric mosquito repellants (ie a device connected to the electric socket)… Hence, let’s remain connected to the powerhouse God, to finish all the weak thoughts & weaknesses from within us!

Some use electric mosquito bats to kill mosquitoes… Hence, let’s use the bat of meditation (ie connecting to God & filling ourselves with His energy) to finish even the slightest trace of sorrow from within us!

Creating Satyuga again!

Mosquitoes are found more in night time… Similarly the reason why there’s so much negativity in the world today, is because it’s the dark night of Kaliyuga running… And the good news is, the Supreme Sun of Purity (God) has descended to once again establish the land of righteousness Satyuga!

In Satyuga, there were no mosquitoes… Hence, when we avoid harassing others, and instead benefit all, we’ll become instrumental in bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Conclusion (Spiritual Inspirations from Mosquitoes) 

Hence on World Mosquito Day today, let’s keep flying in the experience of peace love & joy always, by avoiding disturbing anyone around… Further, let’s keep empowering our personality of purity by remaining connected to the Supreme Source of Purity God, which also finishes all the negativity around hence bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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