Spiritual Inspirations from Judges, Courts & Lawyers (International Justice Day)

Spiritual Inspirations from Judges, Courts & Lawyers (International Justice Day) picture
The Supreme Court of India

Tomorrow 17th July is World Day for International Justice. Hence today, let’s take some spiritual inspirations from judges, courts & lawyers!

An illustrious life!

The judge is referred to as “Your Honor”… Similarly, let’s honor & respect everyone around us!

Law consists of various Acts… Hence, let’s perform every act in God’s remembrance, to experience success at every step!

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The judge pats the hammer on the table to silence arguments… Instead, let’s become so peaceful & silent from within, that everyone around automatically becomes peaceful & calm in our presence!

After hearing the case, the judge goes in another room for a few minutes before making the final decision, to become free from unnecessary influence… Similarly, let’s always remain in the elevated company of God, to remain free from negative influence always!

Witnesses are very important in solving some cases… Hence, let’s witness (ie see) every scene of this world drama as a detached observer… ie not to get influenced by the scenes, but to positively influence them through the power of our good wishes & blessings!

Courts get many property cases… Hence, let’s keep remembering the divine property (ie inheritance) of knowledge, virtues & powers that God is giving us, inculcating which leads to the divine inheritance of Satyuga!

Judging our own Self!

We tend to become a judge for others, but a lawyer for ourselves (ie justifying our actions)… Hence, let’s make this opposite ie keep judging & correcting ourselves, and keep accepting others!

Indeed, let’s avoid becoming judgemental towards others… Because we don’t know what they’ve gone through in their past births!

The order passed by the Court can be challenged in higher courts, even going upto the Supreme Court… Similarly, let’s keep checking our old belief systems, in light of the spiritual knowledge being shared by the Supreme!

Indeed, let’s take court every night… To ensure our eyes, ears, etc acted according to our directions today!

Only when we’re unable to self-regulate ourselves, we need external regulations to control us… Hence, let’s fill ourselves with the power of spiritual knowledge & meditation, to become fully self-disciplined, hence automatically following all the regulations outside!

Remembering the law of karma!

While those laws need to be enforced… There’s one universal law in nature that automatically gets enforced, The Law of Karma!

Law consists of primary legislation & secondary regulations… Hence, let’s keep primary attention on our thoughts, to automatically ensure our words & actions are also of the same elevated quality!

The judge needs to be very stable, even though the lawyers & parties may heat up, because he needs to take the right decision… Similarly even amidst challenges, let’s aim to remain very stable, to make the right decisions always!

Courts can send the accused to jail… Similarly, let’s avoid getting imprisoned by our own old sanskars!

The accused in a case go through a lot of stress… Hence, let’s always ensure full attention on our actions, to avoid having to repent them later!

Remaining ever-happy through Spirituality!

The lawyers have excellent knowledge of the various laws, even having many laws memorized word-to-word… Hence, let’s also ensure the same attention & sincerity in our spiritual study of maintaining an elevated state of mind always!

Defendants need to take an oath on the holy scripture that “I’ll only speak the Truth”… Similarly, let’s pledge to always follow God’s elevated directions in life, to become most elevated ourselves!

Courts get many criminal cases… Hence today, let’s realize all crimes arise only as a result of the anger & attachment within… Hence, let’s win over even subtle shades of all the vices within (Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment & Ego) to become completely pure once again… To become free from even the slightest trace of sorrow & full of happiness not only ourselves, but to also contribute to creating the ever-happy land Satyuga once again!

Indeed, there’ll be no courts in Satyuga!… Because all the souls will be 100% charged ie very pure & powerful, hence fully self-disciplined!


Hence today, let’s remain under the elevated guidance of the Supreme Justice God… ie remain in His divine company always & ensure our every karma is full of royalty & divinity … This ensures we win over even the subtle shades of vices within, hence helping bring the divine 100% law & orderly land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Courts get many divorce cases… Hence, let’s learn how to build harmonious relationships with all!

Lawyers & Judges are very intelligent… Hence, let’s also understand what true intelligence means!

Let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from doctors, chartered accountants, press, nurses, firefighters & labour

Lawyers have to deal with a lot of paper, which is made from trees… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from Forests & trees!

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