Spiritual Inspirations from Elephants (World Elephant Day)

Spiritual Inspirations from Elephants (World Elephant Day) pictureSpiritual Inspirations from Elephants (World Elephant Day)

12th August is World Elephant Day 🐘. Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from elephants!

Becoming full of virtues!

Elephants are very tall.. Hence, let’s always ensure a tall & elevated state of mind!

The elephant is the largest mammal on land… Similarly, let’s keep the largest heart, & accommodate all!

The deity Ganesha is shown with an elephant head… Hence, let’s become pure & divine like deities!

If we give a coin in the elephant’s trunk, he immediately hands it over to the mahout sitting above… Similarly, let’s direct all the praise we receive, towards the one above (ie God!)

The elephant’s trunk can uproot trees as well as lift a child with love… Hence, let’s become very flexible from within!… ie disciplined & lawful with ourselves, but very loving with others! 

Elephants are black in color… Hence, let’s finish all the black negativities from within us!

Creating beautiful relations!

The elephant has different tusks for showing & different for eating… Hence, let’s avoid being different outside & different inside ie let’s ensure harmony in our thoughts, words & actions!

Elephants are always found in herds… Hence, let’s inculcate the virtue of unity with all!

Best Practices

Checking the quality of information put in!

The elephant’s ears are like dustpans used to remove dirt… Hence, let’s avoid putting any impure, negative or waste information inside us!

If we give food in the elephant’s trunk, it first smells it properly… Similarly, before reading or watching anything, let’s first check it’s quality & only then put it inside us… Since the quality of information put in is the strongest influence on our thoughts, hence on our life & destiny!

If the food is proper, the elephant accepts it… Hence, let’s listen to spiritual knowledge daily, since it automatically results in elevated thoughts hence elevated feelings! 

Becoming strong & stable!

Due to it’s weight, no one can move the elephant without it’s will… Hence, let’s become so strong from within, that no situation can shake us from our elevated stage!

The Elephanta Caves in India are famous… Hence, let’s remain in the cave of introversion, to remain protected from negative influence!

In the old days, champion warriors would use the elephant as vehicle… Hence, let’s become a spiritual warrior & win over our old sanskars of sorrow!

Elephants are very strong… Hence, let’s also become very strong from within!

Circuses tie the baby elephant to a small wooden pole… The baby tries hard to break free, but is unsuccessful hence accepts the bondage… But surprisingly, even after growing bigger & much much stronger than the pole, it never tries to break free, keeping the old failure in mind… Similarly, let’s not accept old belief systems like “Anger is natural”, “Stress is normal”, etc, but win over them with our increased spiritual strength!

Making the right decision!

The elephant’s eyes are small.. . This denotes keeping a far-sighted vision in life!

A mad elephant can wreak havoc, similarly even anger is called temporary insanity… Hence, let’s protect ourselves from it!

The elephant’s tusks are used as ivory… Hence, let’s avoid using such animal products, which might result in unnecessary killing of elephants

Elephants are herbivorous… Hence, proving that impure food is not at all required for a strong body, but it’s a strong mind which leads to a strong & healthy body!… Hence, let’s become a vegetarian!

The beauty of Spirituality! 

The elephant has a huge appetite… Hence, let’s increase our capacity of listening to pure positive things, since that’s what makes our present & future beautiful!

Elephants can be trained very well… Similarly, even our mind is the most obedient child, which learns all the good things in life, when taught with love!

Elephants perform many shows in circuses, & are one of the star attractions… Similarly, even we’re the hero actors of this world drama, towards whom everyone is looking at & taking easy inspiration from… Hence, let’s keep full attention on our every act & thought!

Rearing an elephant is very expensive… Similarly, lot of expenses are incurred on us too for our food, clothing, gadgets, etc… Hence, let’s give the best return in respect of these facilities, by serving & benefitting everyone around with a lot of love! 

The elephant makes a loud trumpet-like sound from it’s trunk… Hence, let’s share God’s knowledge with all in a very grand & royal manner!

Conclusion (World Elephant Day) 

Hence today, let’s fill ourselves with the power of spiritual knowledge & check the quality of information we put inside us… This naturally keeps us in very elevated thoughts & feelings, and we keep sharing this experience of peace love & joy with all… Hence, this inculcation of virtues within & inspiring others will bring the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from lions, tigers, giraffes, cows, turtles, birds, honeybees & pests!

The elephant is one of the units in traditional chess (ie Shatranj)… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from chess!

It’s said even if an elephant would trample over the shell of a tortoise, the tortoise would remain safe… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from tortoises & turtles!

Hope you liked this article on ‘Spiritual Inspirations from Elephants (World Elephant Day)’! 

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