Wish you a very caring International Nurses Day

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Tomorrow 12th May is International Nurses Day… Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from nurses!

Nurses are instrumental in the healing of so many patients… Indeed, there’re many tasks which nurses can do much better than even doctors e.g., putting an IV needle… Hence, let’s take a moment now to sincerely thank all the nurses in the world. 

Nurses care for their patients… Similarly, let’s have true care & concern for everyone around us

To become loving & caring like a nurse… let’s not curse (ie create a negative thought for) anyone!

Nurses are always in uniform… Similarly, let’s ensure uniformity in our thoughts, words & actions!

Nursing is a profession… Similarly, let’s also become a professional in maintaining an elevated state of mind always… Thereby, let’s also become professionals in nurturing & sustaining everyone around us with a lot of love!

Indeed, let’s remain so happy & cheerful that people forget their sorrows & illnesses in our presence!

For nurses, nursing is the main source of income as well as blessings ie nurses earn both money & blessings while doing the same work!… Similarly, even while doing our routine work, let’s keep earning blessings at every step, through our elevated vibrations, royal behavior & co-operative attitude!

Nurses keep doing their tasks (e.g., changing IV bottle, putting medicines in IV, etc) with minimal noise… Similarly, let’s also do all our activities silently & peacefully without disturbing others!

In hospital, nurses are always available for patients… Similarly, let’s always remain available to help others!

Admitted patients need to spend more time with nurses rather than doctors… Similarly, souls working for us spend more time with us rather than their family… Hence, let’s always ensure a very homely comfortable & high-energy workplace, by remaining full of positivity love & encouragement!

Nurses are experts at giving the required medicines at the right time… Similarly, let’s give the medicine of advice & recommendations to others, only after first empowering them with a lot of love & care!

Nurses are well-trained… Similarly, let’s experience God’s divine love & sustenance, which automatically makes us capable (ie trained) of sharing the same love with others!

Nurses are able to tolerate all patients’ tantrums, because of the awareness they’re ill… Similarly, even if someone shouts or gets angry at us, let’s remain in the awareness that it’s a sign of their emotional illness… And they’re in much more pain than us… This makes it very easy to accept & let go, leading to beautiful relations!

When someone falls down, we first pick them up & nurse the wound, rather than lecture them on the right way of walking… Similarly, when others around make a mistake, they’re already in a lot of pain & guilt, hence let’s first heal them with a lot of love & unconditional acceptance… This’ll empower them, hence they’ll themselves amend their acts, without us having to say even a word!

Nurses keep checking the BP, pulse rate, temperature, etc frequently… Similarly, let’s keep checking our state of mind at regular intervals, to ensure everything is nice & harmonious inside!

Even full-time nurses need regular lunch & tea breaks… Similarly, even our mind needs regular breaks of silence & recharging (ie connecting to God) throughout the day… Hence, during our routine lunch & tea breaks, let’s also give our mind a few moments of meditative silence, which it fully deserves!

Nurses always sterilize their hands before touching patients… Similarly, let’s practice powerful meditation in the early morning before coming in actions & interactions… This ensures we remain very stable & relaxed the whole day, thereby empowered to make a positive contribution all around, at every step!

Nurses work in hospitals… Similarly, let’s also give our services in the spiritual hospital-cum-university (ie our nearest Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga Meditation Centre!)… This provides us the opportunity to benefit numerous souls in an immense manner, hence building a tremendous amount of our future fortune, and keeping us full of true & unlimited happiness & supersensuous joy!

Hence on International Nurses Day today, by taking the direct teachings from God, let’s become a spiritual nurse ie nurture & sustain everyone around us with a lot of love… This not only benefits others, but boosts our stage & inculcation of divine virtues immensely, hence finally bringing the ever-healthy divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Nurses are like semi-doctors… Hence, let’s also become a spiritual doctor!

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