The lucky number 13!

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The date tomorrow is 13th, and many consider the number 13 as unlucky… Hence today, to overcome this, let’s understand the specialities of the number 13!

The number 13 cannot be divided by any number… Hence, no one can reduce our inner value!

Adding 1 and 3 makes it 4, which is a boundary in cricket!

Dividing 1 by 3 makes it 0.333333 ie an infinite series of 3s… Similarly, the soul is an infinite storehouse of purity peace love & joy!… And we just need to keep this in awareness to remain in the experience of our original virtues always!

The number 13 comprises of the digits 1 & 3… ie Being God’s children we’re number one, and masters of the three worlds & knowledgeful of the 3 aspects of time (ie past, present & future!)

The first digit of the number 13 is 1, and the number 1 has numerous specialities, denoting:

  • We’re number one… in terms of maintaining an elevated state of mind always & in helping others!
  • Keeping just one God in our heart, & remaining lost in His divine love!
  • Remaining united with one & all!

The number 13 in Hindi is called tera ie yours… Hence, let’s convert mera to tera ie mine to yours (ie God’s), to become free from all burdens!

In Hindi, this date May 13th is called ‘Main tera’ ie I am yours… Hence:

  • Let’s say ‘I am yours’ to God, and remain lost in His divine love!
  • Let’s say ‘I am yours’ to all, and keep sustaining & nurturing everyone around us with a lot of love!

Hence today, let’s realize once again that numbers are just meant to be used as units of measure, and they’re by no means a basis of our success & progress, which is entirely based on our karma… Indeed, every act done in the remembrance of God is most auspicious of all, since it creates a very high frequency which easily overcomes all other lower frequencies… Hence, this recognition & realization of our inner powers, will help us bring the divine ever-lucky land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

The number one matches with the word Sun, hence let’s also take some spiritual lessons from the Sun!

The number three matches with the word tree, hence also take some spiritual inspirations from trees & forests!

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