Going Beyond Desires | How to overcome Desires | How to control Desires

Going Beyond Desires | How to overcome Desires | How to control Desires image
Remembering God, the Ocean of Happiness!

Going Beyond Desires | How to overcome Desires | How to control Desires

Meaning of Desires

Desires means “I’ll happy after I get this”, hence right now I’m not happy!

Hence while there’s nothing wrong with buying & achieving of course, but postponing our happiness is definitely not right… Because it’s our original nature, hence we can experience it every moment if we wish!

How to overcome Desires

Hence let’s increase our motivation, by remembering thoughts like:

  • Ichcha doesn’t allow us to become Achcha i.e., doesn’t allow us to experience peace, happiness & contentment always!… And it pulls us away from enjoying the present
  • There’s no end to desires, which keep coming one after the other, hence draining our energy
  • Only the one who’s free from desires himself, can fulfil the desires of all!

And we can very easily overcome desires by:

  • The main realization Object don’t give happiness (my thoughts do!), which instantly shifts our focus from desires to creating right thoughts
  • Indeed, only when we’re discontent within (because of waste & negative thoughts), we start looking for happiness outside in desires… Hence, thought management is the key!
  • Experiencing our original virtues of peace love & joy daily in meditation, particularly at the start of the day (e.x., by creating thoughts like I’m a Peaceful Being, Love is my original nature, I’ll share happiness with all, etc) fulfills the soul!

Conclusion (How to control desires)

Hence today , let’s realize the main desire of every soul is just to experience peace, love & happiness… Hence, let’s fill ourselves with these directly through spiritual knowledge & meditation, to experience a life full of contentment always!

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