The Virtue of Mercy (World Humanitarian Day)

The Virtue of Mercy (World Humanitarian Day) pictureThe Virtue of Mercy (World Humanitarian Day)

Tomorrow 19th August is World Humanitarian Day. Hence today, let’s discuss some interesting spiritual aspects on the virtue of mercy!

What is Mercy?

Mercy basically means understanding the other’s plight, hence then naturally motivating us to lift them up!

Mercy is related to the soul’s original virtue of soul… Indeed, all great souls have the virtue of mercy!

God is also called Merciful, since He never holds anything negative against us… Hence being children of the Merciful, let’s also inculcate the virtue of mercy within!

Devotees look towards God for mercy, and God looks towards His faithful children for helping their fellow brothers… Hence, let’s fulfill God’s faith on us, and become His right hand in benefitting others!

Indeed, everyone around are facing lots of challenges & problems today… Hence let’s emerge the virtue of mercy, and share much needed love & sweetness with all!

Emerging the virtue of mercy

When we’re experiencing supersensuous joy (by being full of all treasures), it automatically emerges the feeling that everyone should benefit from what I’ve received… And emerges natural mercy when we see others’ emotional state!

When we’re in true self-respect through the power of meditation… It automatically emerges lots of respect, compassion & mercy towards others!

When we’re in pain, we can never understand the other’s pain… Hence, let’s learn how to accept people’s behaviour and to forgive & forget… Indeed, let’s go beyond even the slightest trace of sorrow, through the power of spiritual knowledge & meditation!

Sympathy (ie feeling other’s pain) makes us ourselves go in pain, hence we can’t take them out of pain… But empathy (ie compassion, understanding the other’s pain) emerges the virtue of mercy, making us pull them out of pain!

Indeed, all souls today are under the influence of body consciousness, hence experiencing sorrow… Thus, let’s develop an unlimited feeling of mercy, and serve & benefit everyone around with a lot of love! 

At the very least, let’s follow the religion of humanity… ie let’s not send such energy out (ie our thoughts, words & behaviour), which we wouldn’t like receiving from the other side!

Benefits of Mercy

The feeling of mercy towards others automatically emerges the attitude of gratitude within us, regarding our great fortunes!

The virtue of mercy automatically leads to the virtue of giving, making us give good wishes & look at virtues of all!

Indeed, rather than just giving physical things, let’s donate vibrations of peace & love to all… To provide much much needed subtle relief, which is the need of the hour!

And seeing our actions benefit others is one of the greatest happiness!

Further, apart from building our stock of good karma, benefitting others earns us lots of blessings, which helps us easily maintain an elevated state of mind throughout the day!

Conclusion (World Humanitarian Day)

Hence being children of the Merciful, let’s emerge the virtue of mercy within to benefit & serve everyone around with a lot of love… This is actually for our benefit, since it keeps us protected from outside influence, and earns us lots of blessings & builds a tremendous amount of our future fortune… Indeed, it builds such a wonderful fortune, that we also end up transforming the fortune of the world from Kaliyuga to the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

The virtue of mercy greatly enhances work efficiency of doctors & nurses!

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