The Seat of Self Respect

The Seat of Self Respect pictureWe hear the words self respect, self confidence, etc often these days.

Note these all start with the word self, hence their experience depends on our definition of self. Thus, if our definition of self respect is based on temporary aspects (like looks, position, etc), it’ll keep fluctuating. Instead, basing it on permanent eternal truths keeps it very strong & stable.


  • I’m unique with many specialities, none can perform my role better than me
  • I am God’s child, all His virtues & powers belong to me
  • I’m a victorious jewel, success is my birthright
  • I’m originally a very pure, divine, peaceful, loving, happy & powerful soul
  • I’m God’s angel, sharing happiness with all
  • I’m the hero actor of this world drama

Hence, let’s select one of these self respect points, and keep it in awareness for the next hour. We could even continue this practice throughout the day, or take different self respect points for each hour. And don’t forget to share your experiences (or queries) in the comments below!

Benefits of Self Respect

  • When in self-respect, we automatically give respect to others, see their virtues, encourage them forward, etc
  • We remain protected from negative influence
  • Our confidence & efficiency at work automatically increases
  • etc

Hence, best wishes for the next hour!

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