Spiritual Inspirations from Rain

Spiritual Inspirations from Rain image29th July is Rain Day … Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from rain! 

The Virtue of Coolness!

To become free from sorrow & pain, let’s become very pure & cool like rain!

And to become ever-cool like rain, let’s:

  • Make it our main priority in life!
  • Eat the grain (ie food) of spiritual knowledge
  • Gain (ie experience) our original virtues of peace love & joy in meditation!
  • Fill our brain with positive energy!

Further, let’s:

  • Sit in the spiritual train 🚂 (ie journey) of maintaining an elevated state of mind always!
  • Avoid the drain of energy, &
  • Never become vain (ie rude) towards others!

The onset of rain transforms the summer season… Similarly, let’s always remain very cool within, inspite of the fire of challenges outside!

Rain finishes any existing fire 🔥… Similarly, with our peaceful nature & calm words, let’s shower the experience of coolness upon those burning in the fire of stress & worries!

Best Practices

Protecting Ourselves!

We wear gum boots to avoid slipping in rain… Similarly, let’s wear the shoes of spiritual knowledge & meditation, to avoid our elevated state of mind slipping!

We wear raincoat  to protect ourselves from rain… Hence, even if someone showers angry words on us, let’s protect from their influence by wearing the raincoat of God’s remembrance!

We also keep an umbrella ☔ to protect from rain… Hence, let’s always remain under the umbrella of God’s love, to remain safe from even the influence of our past sanskars!

Water-proof mobiles seem very useful during rain… Similarly, let’s make our mind sorrow-proof!

Mobiles today have IP68 certification of their water-proof nature… Similarly, let’s become so powerful from within, that we ourselves can give us the certificate, of always remaining free from sorrow even amidst challenges outside!

The right balance!

Too much rain can result in floods, while too less rain can result in droughts… Similarly, balance is needed in life in every aspect… Hence let’s keep the right balance, to earn blessings from all, which keeps us in a state of bliss always!

Gloomy days are liked by none… Similarly, let’s avoid being gloomy (ie mood-off!), instead let’s always remain very happy & sparkling from within!

Heavy rainfall makes a lot of noise… Hence, let’s avoid becoming a nuisance for others!

Irregular rains can make it difficult for farmers… Hence, let’s always remain very regular in our spiritual efforts (ie listening to spiritual knowledge & meditation) to experience very fast & easy progress (in terms of maintaining an elevated state of mind always!)

The rain of God’s love!

Many love to get drenched in rain… Similarly, let’s remain drenched in the rain of God’s love!

The onset of rain finishes the heat existing before… Similarly, the experience of God’s love instantly finishes all the tiredness of the day, & all the heaviness of past births!

How to experience God’s love!

Some areas have dense rainfall, while some have sparse rainfall… However, the rain of God’s love is always constant, we just need to connect our frequency to Him!

Rainfall is experienced more in tropical areas ie countries near the equator… Similarly, let’s always remain near to God, to keep experiencing His rain of unconditional love showering on us!

Many love to go out in the first rain… Similarly, even before the 1st ray of sun comes out, let’s go above to experience the rain of God’s powers… ie let’s practice powerful early morning meditation which makes our entire day much easier!

The magic of spiritual knowledge!

Rainwater harvesting is used widely today to store & use rainwater… Hence, let’s churn the rain of God’s spiritual knowledge in our mind, to ensure it very easily gets inculcated in our life!

Good rainfall is essential for good growth of crops… Similarly, let’s remain under the rain of (ie keep listening to) God’s spiritual knowledge, to automatically result in growth of virtues within us!

Bringing Satyuga again!

Scriptures mention a story how to protect from torrential rain, Lord Krishna & the villagers lifted the entire Govardhan mountain by giving one finger of co-operation each… Similarly, now that God Himself has descended, let’s give a finger of co-operation to His divine tasks, which lifts the entire mountain of Kaliyuga, & brings Satyuga once again!


Hence today, let’s become ever-cool from within, by remaining under the rain of God’s love & powers!… This automatically ensures we remain protected from outside influence, and also keep sharing this love with all… Hence, this elevated self-progress & spiritually serving others will bring the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Rain consists of water droplets… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from water!

The water vapour from Oceans condenses to form clouds, which then rain… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from Oceans!

Rainfall is usually accompanied by fast winds… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from wind!

Rain is measured in centimeters (cm) of water underground… Hence, let’s take some spiritual inspirations from the various measurement units!

Rain helps grow forests & trees… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from Forests & trees!

Rainfall is sometimes accompanied by thunderbolts… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from energy (including electrical energy)!

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