Wish you a very Happy International Women’s Day | Short speech on International Women’s Day

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Wish you a very Happy International Women’s Day | Short speech on International Women’s Day

8th March is International Women’s Day. Hence today, alongwith appreciating the invaluable role our mothers & sisters play, let’s also understand this day in a slightly deeper manner.

Male or female is just an aspect of the body, with the soul actually having no gender… Indeed, the soul has both masculine & feminine qualities, which we can use as per our will…. Hence, Women’s day is more about recognizing & appreciating the feminine qualities of providing selfless love, care & sustenance which all of us have!

Hence, just like gardeners nurture their plants with so much love & care, let us also sustain & nurture everyone around with lots of love, by:

  • Always seeing & highlighting their specialities & good deeds
  • Encouraging them forward
  • Always being there for them
  • Always remaining in an elevated stage ourselves, hence radiating empowering vibrations all around & to them
  • Staying beyond anger, control, being judgemental, etc
  • Filling ourselves with God’s love & sharing with all
  • etc

Hence today, let’s rise above even this consciousness of being a woman (or man) and remain in the awareness of being God’s angel, having come just to share purity, love & joy with all!

The theme on Women’s Day usually revolves around Equality… Hence today, let’s realize that if we remain in an ordinary consciousness i.e., I’m a male / female, manager, etc then if I’m the boss you’re the servant, hence it then becomes very difficult to maintain equality… Hence today, let’s realize we’re all souls and remind this to ourselves everyday through study of Godly knowledge & re-affirmation through meditation… This automatically emerges & maintains a very beautiful & natural equality in our vision & attitude.

Another theme on Women’s Day is Women empowerment i.e., soul empowerment… Hence, let’s empower ourselves by:

  • Always keeping God, the Almighty Authority alongwith us
  • Creating powerful thoughts, like:
    • I’m a powerful soul
    • I can do it
    • I’m a victorious jewel
    • Success is my birthright
    • etc
  • Remaining beyond energy depletors like anger, hurt, worry, etc

Many women are housewives, taking care of daily cooking, cleaning, etc… While these activities may seem unattractive (as compared to earning high packages & getting big titles), it’s these home-making activities which provide a solid basis, or foundation on which all other achievements can take place… Hence, let’s genuinely recognise & appreciate the invaluable roles played by home-makers (i.e., housewives) in society

Women are given such a high position in Indian culture, equating them to goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswati, Amba, Durga, etc… Hence, let’s ensure the same position for women (and indeed, for all souls) in our vision, attitude & hearts too!

The Brahma Kumaris today is the world’s largest women-led organisation (with 9000+ centers in 130+ countries)… It’s indeed a matter of great pride for us that God Himself has encouraged & kept women in front for His divine task of world transformation, right from the outset in 1936 (when women were actually quite neglected)… Hence, let us also encourage women forward at our offices & homes.

Conclusion (Short speech on International Women’s Day)

Hence, as the 2018 theme for International Women’s Day by UN said, the time is now! … Thus, by elevating ourselves to soul-consciousness & remaining connected to God, let’s remain full of the experience of our original virtues of peace love & joy, and keep nurturing & sustaining everyone around us… Hence, not only illuminating & transforming the lives of everyone around, but also progressing greatly ourselves, hence becoming instrumental in bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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