Spiritual Significance of Maa Durga | True Meaning of Maa Durga

Spiritual Significance of Maa Durga | True Meaning of Maa Durga imageSpiritual Significance of Maa Durga | True Meaning of Maa Durga

Maa Durga means the one who’s victorious over Durgun i.e., weaknesses… And is shown:

  • Killing demons (like Mahishasura)… Denoting becoming victorious over the weaknesses & devilish sanskars within
  • With 8 arms… Denoting a soul full of the 8 powers (since arms denote strength)
  • With weapons in hands… Denoting the weapons of spiritual knowledge & meditation:
    • Swa-darshan chakra… Which means looking (darshan) at the self (Swa), what I need to do rather than what others need to do… This protects us from numerous negative emotions
    • Sword… To cut old bondages of sorrow in a second i.e., by creating just one powerful thought
    • Trishul… Which contains 3 sharp edges.. Hence denoting a soul knowledgeful of the 3 aspects of time.. In particular, the awareness I was completely pure & divine in Satyuga, & now God’s come to once again make me pure & divine
    • Bow & arrow… Denoting having complete focus on our aim (of maintaining an elevated state of mind always!)
    • Mace… Denoting the power of determination
    • Conch… Denoting sharing God’s knowledge with all in a grand manner.. And sharing knowledge with others, actually makes our understanding strong… Hence helping us become victorious over weaknesses
    • Flame… Denoting remaining in the awareness of being a soul (which is a tiny point of light, similar in form to the flame)
  • Sitting on a lion… Denoting being absolutely fearless, victorious over all situations & even the 5 elements of nature

Conclusion (Spiritual Significance of Maa Durga)

Hence today, let’s use the weapons of spiritual knowledge & meditation, to become victorious over the weaknesses within, hence experience a life of peace love & joy always!

Om Shanti!

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