Wish you a very Happy Ram Navami

Photo of Shri RamToday is Ram Navami, who was one of the deities of heavenly Bharat… Hence today, let’s inculcate some of the divine qualities of Shri Ram in our life!

Shri Ram was the King in Tretayuga… And King Dashrath (father of Ram) also denotes a soul who’s the master (king) over his body (rath) & 10 (das) physical & subtle sense organs (ie mind, intellect, sanskars, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, touch, etc)… Similarly, let’s become a ruler over the self, by always remembering that:
  • It’s pure & positive thoughts which keeps the mind in our control, while waste & impure thoughts makes it go out of control
  • Keeping attention on our self, our thoughts, what I need to do, etc ensures the mind remains in our control… On the other hand, trying to control others makes our mind go out of control!
  • Simply remaining in the awareness of being the Master, automatically makes our mind & sense organs in our control
  • Following our self-chosen rules & disciplines with determination, increases our inner power


Ram is called Maryaada Purushottam, and discipline is needed for success in every aspect of life (even highly successful personalities like Lata Mangeshkar practise daily with discipline)… Hence, let’s also adopt self-chosen disciplines, to progress greatly in life, like:
  • Limiting the amount of time on social media & gadgets, since over-loading of information destroys inner peace
  • Devoting atleast 15-20 minutes daily for empowering our precious & invaluable mind
  • Avoiding gossiping about others weaknesses, since this only creates negative energy for us & others around
  • Visiting high-energy places (like our nearest Rajyoga Centre) atleast once daily, and simply avoid visiting low-energy places (like casinos, pubs, discos, etc) at all costs
These small disciplines help immensely in keeping our state of mind very pure & elevated, which makes each & every aspect our life simple & easy!


Even though Kaikeyi & Manthara kept bad wishes for Shri Ram, it’s shown that Ram never created even a single negative thought for them… Hence, even if others speak & behave differently with us, we need to continue our flow of good wishes, & keep our good wishes constant… Because this is entirely for the protection of our elevated state of mind, not for anyone else!


Hanuman, Sita, Lakshman & Bharat are all shown very faithful towards Shri Ram… Similarly, let us always remain faithful towards God, by:
  • Only keeping one God in our heart & none else (like Hanuman)
  • Always remembering one God (like Sita)
  • Keeping a clear aim (Lakshya) in mind (Man) of becoming a helper in God’s divine task (like Lakshman)… This one act is enough to transform us from being like monkeys (ie vanar who’s full of vices & weaknesses), to worship-worthy deities!
  • Performing actions in the awareness of being God’s instrument (like Bharat, who performed all duties of a king, but always kept Ram’s slippers on the throne ie considered Ram the true king)
  • Giving full regard to God’s elevated directions


Ram was always shown most obedient towards his father… Similarly, let us also obey our Supreme Father’s very elevated & loving directions, like:
  • See only the virtues & specialities of others, and keep our attitude filled with good wishes for all
  • Remain in the awareness of elevated memories & self-respect points, like:
    • I’m God’s child
    • I was completely pure & divine in Satyuga
    • I’m a donor of good wishes & blessings
    • I’m an angel, sharing happiness with all
  • Perform elevated actions which benefit others


It’s shown the poor old-aged Shabri tasted the berries herself before offering to Shri Ram (to ensure they’re fit for his consumption) ie such great regard for Ram… Similarly, let’s also give full regard to God, and before eating or drinking anything, first offer it to God with a true heart & then proceed to eat… Scientifically, this radiates powerful pure vibrations which gets absorbed in the food, thus helping heal & charge our mind & body!


It’s shown the female saint Ahilya got transformed from a stone to human, just with one touch of Ram… Similarly, let’s raise our stage so high, that our just one interaction (of a few seconds) is enough to fill others with a lifetime of happiness!


Ram was an embodiment of truth… And truth just means that which is permanent, hence:
  • Let’s remain in soul-consciousness always, since it’s the soul which is immortal while body is perishable
  • Let’s remain connected to the ever-truthful ever-pure God, since this’ll automatically start making us also like Him
  • Keep contemplating, churning & implementing jewels of spiritual knowledge, which creates elevated permanent recordings on the soul
  • Keep serving others & earn their blessings, since this builds our elevated future fortune which goes with the soul
  • Create divine sanskars, which’ll then act as the basis for Satyuga


Indeed, this’ll ensure we become like King Janak (father-in-law of Shri Ram), who had the speciality of living as being liberated-in-life (jeevan-mukt)… This means living in life, yet being liberated from all kinds of sorrow, pain, suffering or bondage ie the same stage that we had in Satyuga


Both are deities, but Shri Ram is shown with bow & arrow while Shri Krishna is shown with a musical flute… This means that we shouldn’t keep fighting with our old habits (bow & arrow), but instead become victorious & remain ever-happy always (ie enjoying the musical flute)… This is possible just by studying & implementing God’s elevated versions (which we call the Murli) with love!


Indeed, it’s shown that Ram invoked the Shaktis in order to gain victory over Ravan… This denotes we need to connect to our inner powers through meditation to become victorious… ie to remain stable & happy in every scene of life


Further, the temple in Rameshwaram shows Ram worshipping the Shiv Ling… This denotes that when we souls connect to the Incorporeal Supreme Soul God once again (as per His accurate introduction), we become completely charged into divine pure deities again (like Shri Ram)!


It’s shown Ram made great efforts to locate the lost Sita… This denotes that God makes numerous attempts at the present time now (ie through our friends, TV, pamphlet invitations, etc) to awaken us pure souls (who like Sita, have been remembering & calling out to Him for long)… Hence, let’s not ignore the various signals & directions given by God, since ignoring God is like cursing ourselves ie it ensures a life of sorrow & repentance for ourselves


It’s shown Ravan unnecessarily considered Ram as his enemy, which led to his destruction… Hence, let’s not intentionally lead a life opposite to God’s elevated directions, since this’ll finish us


Both Shri Ram & Shri Krishna (Shyam Sundar) are shown black in color… This denotes all of us souls who were pure & divine (Sundar) in Satyuga, have now become impure & discharged (Shyam) in Kaliyuga, and God has come to once again make us pure, divine & completely charged (Sundar)!


Even after winning over the kingdom of Lanka, Ram handed over the kingdom to Vibheeshan… This denotes that although it’s God who makes us completely pure & divine from our previously discharged state, He Himself doesn’t come in Satyuga but instead makes us children the emperors & masters of the new world!


God reveals that souls take 8 births in Satyuga, hence there’re 8 successive kings in Satyuga … After this comes Tretayuga, where Shri Ram becomes the king ie the 9th king, hence this day is called Ram Navami (ie the 9th day, Navami)!


Hence today, by remaining faithful, obedient & truthful towards God, let’s remain immersed in His divine love & remembrance… This’ll keep filling us with His divine energy, keeping us in supersensuous joy & happiness always… This makes finishing of old sanskars & emerging of the divine sanskars within very easy & natural, hence helping bring the divine land Satyuga once again!


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