Wish you an Intelligent April Fool’s Day | Understanding True Intelligence | Happy April Fool’s Day sayings

Wish you an Intelligent April Fool’s Day | Understanding True Intelligence | Happy April Fool’s Day sayings

1st April is April Fool’s Day. Hence today, let’s explore what true intelligence means!

Intelligence doesn’t just mean excelling in our profession… But it also means excelling in maintaining an elevated state of mind always!… Indeed, a healthy & happy mind automatically keeps creating miracles in the outside world, with minimal efforts!

A fool means lack of intelligence, hence let’s become truly intelligent, by:

  • Only putting in pure information, since a truly intelligent person knows this influences my thoughts hence destiny
  • Always remaining in the company of pure elevated souls, hence making our progress very easy & natural too
  • When we know that God has come & wants to give us everything, true intelligence means to connect to Him & follow His elevated directions, which makes our life also most elevated & divine!

One of the original qualities of the soul is knowledge, hence we’re originally very wise & truly intelligent… Hence, none of us are fools!

Let’s go beyond false superstitions which make us weak, like:

  • Whose face did I see in the morning; by realizing it’s what thought I created 1st thing in the morning which is more important
  • Black cat crossing the path; by realizing there’s no connection between a cat’s walk & our work… Indeed, if a black cat lives in our colony, she might well cross our path every day!
  • Sneezing; by realizing it’s actually an important physical process for expelling out dust, etc
  • The left (or right) eye blinking, which is again a natural body process

Indeed, let’s go beyond even things like our stars, zodiac sign, day of the week, etc by realizing the human mind is much more powerful than any of these… Indeed, God says that any second spent & any act done in His remembrance is the most auspicious of all… Since it creates a very high frequency which very easily overcomes other low-energy frequencies

Today on April Fool’s Day, many play pranks on others, and then laugh on their apparent foolishness… But being children of the 100% Truthful and who is the Sukhakarata Dukhaharata (Bestower of Happiness & Liberator of Sorrow), we definitely can’t do such acts which hurt the sentiments of others… Indeed, hurting others makes us receive negative vibrations from them (which subtly keeps pulling our state of mind down), hence that’s not what an intelligent person would do!

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Indeed, rather than making others a fool, let’s make them cool i.e., calm & peaceful!… This is easily possible by:

  • First becoming calm & peaceful ourself, by always remembering that:
    • Situations & People don’t create my responses… I’m the creator of every thought
    • I’m originally a very peaceful soul… Hence connecting to our original self frequently to emerge the peace within
    • My Father is the Ocean of Peace… Hence connecting to Him daily & filling ourselves with His divine peace
  • Sharing our experiments, experiences & benefits obtained through the power of peace with others, hence inspiring their easy transformation too!

Although many thoughts may come in the mind, it’s the Intellect which decides which thoughts to bring out in action… Hence, let’s make our intellect powerful (by filling it with the power of spiritual knowledge) & pure (by purifying it by connecting it to the Supreme) to always make & implement the right decisions, which benefit both us & others around long-term!

True Intelligence means realizing there’re 2 aspects of life… i.e., Human (physical) & Being (non-physical, including thoughts feelings attitude emotions, etc)… Hence, let’s not just confine ourselves to making external & physical progress, but also keep progressing internally for true long-term holistic progress!

Conclusion (Happy April Fool’s Day Sayings)

Hence today, let’s emerge our original virtue of knowledge and start living our life based on true intelligence, which becomes very easy through the power of God’s direct spiritual knowledge & meditation… Hence, our resulting elevated & divine life also keeps inspiring others to become similarly elevated, hence we’ll together bring the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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