Happiness is a choice

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Happiness is a choice

Although we’ve understood happiness lies in creating the right thoughts… But for remaining happy always, we also need to understand how these thoughts are created

Does the situation create my thoughts?

In every situation (traffic jam, boss shouting, exam failure, etc), different people respond differently… Hence if the situation was responsible for creating our response, it should have created the same response in everyone… Hence, since this is not the case, it proves the situation is not responsible for our responses

I’m the Creator!

Thus just like our body (where we go), hands (what we do) & mouth (what we speak) is in our control, similarly are our thoughts!

Although it might seem sometimes that thoughts are coming on their own, it’s still coming from inside us i.e., from what we’ve recorded inside us… And we can easily resolve & change them as needed!

Indeed in every situation, there’re a range of alternative responses we can create… And happiness lies in choosing the right response!

So, how to choose happiness?

Putting in pure positive information empowers the mind & makes it easy to mould our thoughts in a comfortable direction… Indeed, controlling the information we put in (inside our mind) is the easiest way of controlling the mind!

Then, practising positive affirmations / meditation slows down our thoughts… Hence, providing us the freedom to choose a comfortable response!

Conclusion (Happiness is a choice)

Hence from today, let’s take personal responsibility of our thoughts… To become 100% independent & in control over our thoughts!

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