Spiritual Significance of Eid

Spiritual Significance of Eid pictureToday is Eid… Hence today, let’s understand the spiritual significance of Eid!

Spiritual Significance of Eid!

The saints Abraham & Mohammed were the pioneers of the Islam religion… Hence, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the contributions of these great souls!

Today, everyone will greet each other Eid Mubarak, and Mubarak means congratulations… Hence, let’s always keep congratulating each other, even on the smallest successes in life!

Great care is taken to ensure the food is halal (ie allowed) and not haram (ie not allowed)… Similarly, since information is the food for the mind, let’s always put in only pure positive information inside us!

There’s a practice of sacrificing the goat… This actually denotes overcoming the ego of I & Mine [ie मैं मैं (main main), which matches the voice of goats!] 

A durgah is built around the place where the bodies of great souls is buried…. Hence, let’s lead such an illustrious life, that people keep getting benefitted even after we leave!

Relation with God!

Islam mentions Allah is Noor ie God is Light… This is consistent with all other religions:

  • Jesus Christ said ‘God is Light’
  • Guru Nanak mentioned ‘Ek Omkar Nirakar’ ie God is One & Incorporeal
  • Shiv Jyoti Ling’ literally means ‘Symbol of Point of Light’

Muslims pray namaz to God 4 times a day… Hence, let’s keep remembering God frequently!

Islam mentions a story of Khuda Dost ie God as Friend… Hence, let’s make God our best friend!

The saint Mohammed is called Paigambar ie messenger… Hence, let’s also share God’s message with one & all!

Islam mentions the Perfect Land, Jannat or Bahisht… This is again consistent with all other religions:

  • Christianity mentions Heaven or Paradise
  • Hinduism mentions Swarg or Satyuga


Hence today, let’s connect to the self (Khud) & Supreme (Khuda) once again, to become full of all virtues & powers… Hence, bringing the divine land Jannat, Bahisht or Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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