Spiritual Significance of Hindola

Spiritual Significance of Hindola imageSpiritual Significance of Hindola

It’s the festive month of Hindola going on (ie swinging the idol of baby Krishna in a jhula)… Hence today, let’s understand the spiritual significance of Hindola!

The beauty of Satyuga!

We decorate the Hindola in a variety of ways eg using fruits, vegetables, etc… This denotes the time of Satyuga, when there was complete abundance of all resources!

We very lovingly swing the idol of baby Krishna… This again denotes the time of Satyuga, when deities lived on this planet in complete happiness!

The picture of Shri Radhe Krishna on swing, is shown with beautiful nature all around… Since in Satyuga, the complete nature (ie all the 5 elements, plants & animals) are 100% pure & at the complete service of us divine souls!

The experience of supersensuous joy!

We experience happiness while swinging on a swing… Similarly, the experience of supersensuous joy in meditation, is like swinging on a swing!

Swinging helps us experience a cool wind… Hence, like sitting in front of the Ocean automatically makes us experience it’s cool breeze.. Similarly, sitting in front of the ocean of virtues automatically keeps us in the experience & fullness of peace love & joy!

Hindola is celebrated for a whole month… But here, God says your whole life is the experience of supersensuous joy!

Experiencing God’s presence!

Manytimes, children sit on the swing, & their parent swings them… Hence, when we remain in the awareness of being God’s child, we instantly get connected to Him & start experiencing His vibrations of happiness!

Indeed, rather than swinging using our own legs, let’s invite God to swing us… ie rather than getting heavy with the burden of responsibilities, let’s just keep God alongside us, to remain very light & relaxed always!

The cradle is also a type of swing, used for sleeping… Hence, let’s always sleep in the experience of Supreme Peace, in God’s remembrance!

Many keep a swing at their homes… Hence, let’s remember God (as an Incorporeal point of light, Ocean of all Virtues) in our sweet home soul world, to become full of deep silence… Which makes all our subsequent activities very easy & natural!

How to remain in happiness always?

One type of playing is playing in the dirt, & the other is swinging on a swing… Hence being God’s royal children, let’s not play in the dirt of body-consciousness & impure practices, but let’s keep swinging in the experience of peace love & joy!

If the strings of the swing are not proper, we can fall down… Hence, let’s keep the strings of God’s remembrance & spiritually serving others strong, to remain in constant happiness!

Swings are made of wood or steel… But God says I’ve given you the swing of my heart-throne… Hence, let’s keep this point in awareness, to remain in constant happiness!

God says you’ve bound me with the strings of love & faith… And He’s given His heart-throne for us to sit on… Hence, the strings of love & faith, combined with the heart-throne create a wonderful swing of supersensuous joy… Hence, let’s keep swinging on it!

Spiritual Inspirations from Hindola

Hindola comes in the rainy season…  Hence, let’s always remain under the rain of God’s love!

The strings of the swing need to be strong, hence are sometimes made of steel… Hence, let’s become as strong as steel!

Some prefer to swing slowly, while some fast… Hence, let’s keep our thoughts slow & focused, to experience very fast progress in our career & work!

Conclusion (Spiritual Significance of Hindola)

Hence today, let’s rise above the dirt of body-consciousness into the purity of soul-consciousness, and connect to God to keep swinging in the experience of supersensuous joy… And the beauty is, this empowerment of the mind also makes all other aspects of our life very easy & natural, & we keep illuminating the lives of others, hence bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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