Spiritual Inspirations from Business

Spiritual Inspirations from Business pictureTomorrow 27th June is Micro, Small & Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) Day… Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from business!

The greatest wealth!

Our elevated state of mind is worth crores… Hence, let’s not spoil it in small matters worth tens or hundreds!

Alongwith being busy (ie occupied in work) outside, let’s remain very easy (ie light & relaxed) inside!

Customer Satisfaction is the top-most priority of business today… Similarly, let’s also inculcate the virtue of satisfaction / contentment in our personal life, by:

  • Remembering the various points of our illustrious fortune
  • Remembering how much our life has improved, compared to before
  • Remembering the various times God has helped us during times of need
  • Never postponing our happiness.. Because contentment is an inner virtue, a decision of life… Hence, if we’re not content today, we’ll never be content even in the future!
  • Realizing that true happiness is not in external objects, but in creating the right thoughts always!

A lot of light is kept in showrooms… Similarly, let’s fill ourselves with the light of knowledge, to experience a glowing & sparkling face, full of happiness!

Businessmen worship Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali… Hence, let’s also become very pure & divine like deities!

The tides of business can sometimes be high, and sometimes low… Hence, let’s avoid making our happiness dependent on these tides… By filling ourselves with true long-term happiness through spiritual knowledge & meditation!

Businessmen are very particular about profit, and keep finding new ways of increasing it… Similarly, let’s associate the word profit with our inner earnings of peace love & joy, then we’ll always keep full attention on it… e.x., Then we’ll never create anger, which only creates long-term losses!

Business means give & take… Hence, let’s not apply the same equation on relations, which means to only give & give (ie respect, trust, acceptance, etc)… And the more we give, the more it keeps increasing within us, hence we remain very full!

Going Beyond Competition

Many have very well-established businesses & earn much more than enough… Yet remain under constant stress because of the desire to remain No. 1… Hence, let’s go beyond competition, by always remembering that:

  • We’ll always find someone or the other ahead of us, at any point of time… Hence, competition is an endless pursuit!
  • Even those who are No. 1 remain under constant fear & stress for maintaining that position
  • Competition is actually a word meant for games & sports, not for life!
  • Competition is only possible when the input parameters are the same, hence because everyone comes with very different karmic accounts, competition is actually never possible!
  • Competing with someone less competent (ex a Mercedes competing with a Maruti!)… Keeps us content, even though we’re otherwise performing much less than our capacity!
  • Competing with someone more competent… Keeps us under constant stress, and may also entice us to practice unethical means to go ahead
  • It’s Ego which makes us unnecessarily compare & compete!
  • Let’s compete with ourselves (ie keep enhancing our capacity as compared to before), rather than competing with others!

Earning the income of blessings!

Working earns us physical wealth, while our way of working determines whether we earn blessings or opposite… Hence, let’s work in a very loving & co-operative manner, to earn lots of blessings throughout the day!

The easiest way of earning blessings is to look for their benefit also (ie not just our benefit)!

If an apple vendor recommends you not to buy apples from him today because apples are not fresh… Although he made a loss that day, we’ll (apart from giving lots of blessings) always go towards him in the future, hence resulting in profits for a lifetime for the apple vendor… Thus, the one who earns blessings definitely also earns lot of physical wealth!

There’re numerous types of business today… Similarly, there’re numerous ways of earning blessings, like:

  • Giving help, support & co-operation to all!
  • Seeing & appreciating their specialities, expressing gratitude towards them
  • Sharing smiles & good wishes with all

Similarly, there’re numerous ways of serving & benefitting others!… Hence, we can serve through the:

  • Mind, through the power of our good wishes & blessings
  • Words, through very sweet elevated & empowering words filled with knowledge
  • Actions, by becoming a sample & example for all through our inculcation of divine virtues!

Many businesses involve earning commission (ex agency businesses)… Similarly, let’s become instrumental in transforming the quality of life of everyone around, to earn the commission of blessings from all!

Businessmen make a lot of transactions… Similarly, let’s remember that our every interaction with others is also a transaction, where we either earn profits (ie blessings, through our elevated behavior) or incur losses… Hence, let’s always make profitable (ie blessings-filled) transactions!

Best Practices

Many businesses offer a sample piece before the final purchase… Similarly, let’s become such an elevated sample of inculcation of divine virtues… That everyone is inspired to study spiritual knowledge & mediate to become similarly elevated!

Businessmen keep checking the amount of purchases & sales daily, to calculate the daily profit… Similarly, at the end of the day, let’s quickly scan through our day to find the emotional profits & losses earned… Then, make the necessary corrections next day, thus providing a very easy method to keep making fast progress everyday!

Many justify their actions saying ‘Everything is fair in business’… However, the law of karma applies to our every thought, word & action… Hence, let’s keep full attention on our every act!

Business is based on a lot of trust & goodwill built up over many years… Hence, let’s avoid cheating anyone, since it creates a very deep negative karma!

Many have very well-established businesses, hence need to give very little time to it now… Hence, let’s use this spare time to also earn a spiritual income (ie transforming sanskars & doing elevated karma of serving others) which goes with the soul!

The best business, transacting jewels of knowledge with God!

The best business is taking imperishable jewels of knowledge from God, inculcating them in ourselves, & sharing with all!… Thus, earning the income of blessings from all!… This is indeed the best business because:

  • Our supplier God provides us with jewels of spiritual knowledge absolutely free of cost!
  • The demand for peace love & joy is always highest!

Many businesses are undertaken in the form of partnership firms… Hence, let’s build a partnership with God, for serving & benefitting all!

Businesses having a monopoly (ie only one seller, & lots of buyers) earn lots of profit… Similarly, let’s keep only one God in our heart to remain full of His divine virtues & powers, hence automatically sharing them with all, thus earning lots of blessings!

Many businessmen remain awake the whole night waiting for foreign business party to arrive… Similarly keeping in view the immense benefits of meditation, let’s wake up slightly early to practice powerful early morning meditation!

Suppliers keep a large godown to store their goods… Similarly, let’s make the godown of our mind so broad & vast, that all of God’s knowledge can be very safely stored inside it!

Many children continue the same business as that of the Father… Hence, let’s also become true helpers in God’s task of world transformation, by first becoming elevated ourselves, and then also serving & benefitting all!

Many businessmen feel very proud on seeing their business extend overseas… And here, we’re transacting this spiritual business with God, who lives in the soul world which is even beyond the Sun, Moon & the stars!…. Hence, let’s remain full of spiritual intoxication & happiness!

Large business raise finance by offering shares to the public… Similarly, although God can carry out the task of world transformation on His own, He provides us a share in this most illustrious task, to build our elevated fortune … Hence  let’s make the most of this divine opportunity


Hence today, let’s transact this spiritual business of inculcating imperishable jewels of knowledge from God… To experience an elevated state of mind always, thereby a life full of divine virtues… And we naturally keep sharing our attainments with all, through our elevated vibrations, power of good wishes, sweet words & royal behaviour… Hence, inspiring their elevated progress too, thus bringing the divine ever healthy-wealthy-happy land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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