World Mental Health Day

Easy Tips for enhancing Mental Health
Today, 10th October is World Mental Health Day. We also celebrate 7th April as World Health Day. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines Health as a state of complete physical, mental & social well-being.

These days, we are very aware of the importance of physical health, today’s let’s ensure the same attention on mental / emotional health too. Since it’s the mind which studies, works, interacts with relations & does everything for us 24×7; & also strongly influences physical health.

Keeping the mind healthy is very easy. Like how to care for the body, we need the right diet & exercise. Similarly, to care for the mind, we just need the right diet of pure information and the exercise of meditation daily, even 15-20 minutes daily is enough!

And indeed, the mind is like a little child. If anytime, it starts crying ie creates negative emotions like stress, worry, etc, just take a minute to withdraw from work, talk with it, resolve issue using knowledge & get back to work! This will ensure the mind remains stable, content, happy throughout the day which will reflect in all our work & interactions.

Going slightly deeper, the word healthy means heal thy ie heal the self. Indeed, if I remain in the awareness of my true identity ie that I am a pure, divine, peaceful, loveful, happy being while doing everything outside, this raises our frequency much higher above ordinary waste thoughts, hence not only keeping us healthy inside, but also full of purity, energy, bliss & joy!

And further, if we remain connected with God, the Ocean of Peace, Love, Bliss, we will remain filled with these powerful qualities, benefitting not only us, but all others around, transforming the world outside!

Om Shanti!

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