Wish you an effortless Labour Day

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Today 1st May is Labour Day, or International Workers’ Day… Hence today, let’s discuss some spiritual aspects on labour!

Although labourers earn slightly less, their contribution to society is invaluable… Hence, it’s only because of them we have such excellent chairs, electricity fittings and other wonderful facilities, which allow us to work in a relaxed & productive work environment… Thus, let’s have full gratitude towards labour!

Labourers take such great risks (painting buildings at big heights), do so much physical work (toiling tirelessly for hours in the sun), etc… All for our comfort… Hence, let’s keep these facts in awareness & always have full regard for them!

Indeed tomorrow, let’s share with them:

  • A word of appreciation, a small token of gratitude
  • Ask about their relatives with love
  • And even provide them with tea & breakfast once!

Even such small acts of kindness earns us lots of blessings (since it means a lot to them), which very easily keeps our state of mind very light & elevated throughout the day, without any efforts!

Mothers also go through labour pain while giving birth… Hence, let’s also have a lot of gratitude towards our dear mother, who has always taken such wonderful care of us!

Alongwith respecting labour (ie those who work for us)… Let’s also respect our neighbour! (ie those who live alongside & alongwith us!)

Labour means that work which is repetitive & requires physical exertion… However sometimes, we find even our routine tasks laborious, because of a weak & discharged mind… Hence, let’s focus on empowering our mind through spiritual knowledge & meditation, to make all our tasks very easy & natural!

Students can clearly see the difference in efforts required by a labourer (who gets less money, despite making lot of physical efforts) & a professional (who earns a lot just using his intelligence)… Hence, students are always encouraged to study hard for a few years, and then enjoy the results later… Similarly, the Confluence Age now (ie this time between Kaliyuga & Satyuga when God Himself descends) is the time to make spiritual efforts, then Satyuga is the time to enjoy the results… Hence, let’s make a lot of successful spiritual efforts now!

God says He doesn’t like seeing His children having to make too much hard work… Hence, rather than constantly battling with our old sanskars, let’s become victorious over them… Hence:

  • Rather than working hard to avoid negative… Let’s simply fill ourselves with spiritual knowledge daily, to automatically remain positive always!
  • Rather than doing hard-work to change sanskars… Let’s simply remain lost in God’s love, then it feels very easy to change anything & everything!… (ie going from mehnat to mohabbat!)
  • Rather than requiring to make too much efforts at work… Let’s simply keep our mind free from waste, to ensure all our tasks proceed very smoothly, with minimal efforts!
  • Rather than making efforts to meditate… God has given us numerous simple, fulfilling & blissful easy meditation techniques, like:
    • Talking to God
    • Writing a letter of love to God
    • Keep contemplating on the various virtues & titles of God
    • Keep remembering & enjoying our elevated self-respect points
    • etc

These techniques make it very easy for us to remain connected to God the whole day, thereby remain filled with His divine energy always!

Hence, on Labour Day today, alongwith expressing gratitude towards those who work for us… Let’s also focus on keeping ourselves free from hard work, by doing the smart work of keeping our mind empowered through spiritual knowledge & meditation always!… Thus, we’ll easily & effortlessly bring the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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