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Tomorrow 17th May is World Telecommunications Day. Hence today, let’s discuss some interesting spiritual aspects on telecommunications!

Science has made tremendous progress in the field of telecommunications today, enabling us to talk chat & see people in any corner of the world… Hence, let’s take a moment to thank all the souls associated with science, who’ve made life so easy for us

Indeed, the internet is supported by thousands of kilometres of underground cable, mobile services by huge mobile towers, digital television by satellites in space, etc… Hence, let’s have gratitude for all souls associated with these services!

The subtle communication!

Alongwith the physical communication through voice, there’s also a subtle communication through thoughts & vibrations, which goes on all the time… Hence, let’s keep attention on our thoughts, to ensure we’re transmitting the right messages!

This spiritual principle (that our vibrations travel to the other soul) has been proved by Science… An experiment was performed in 2015, where a person in France was asked to create a thought “Hello” for a person in India, and scientists observed the same identical brain wave patterns in both, leading to the conclusion that thoughts & vibrations do indeed travel from one soul to another regardless of physical distance…  Hence, let’s always keep full attention on our thoughts, since these are creating the quality of our relationships!

Indeed, every thought we create is like an SMS, which instantly reaches the other person!… Hence, like we take so much care while drafting SMSes, let’s ensure the same care & attention on our thoughts too! 

This fact that vibrations travel, can be used in many wonderful ways:

  • Even if others are hurt with us… If we maintain our flow of pure positive energy for them, it also helps heal them
  • If we constantly keep seeing the virtues & specialities of others… It radiates very powerful & positive energy towards them, hence greatly empowering them
  • Sending very loving energy even to souls who’ve left their body… To help make their journey ahead (in the next birth) easier
  • Sending powerful vibrations of peace to areas affected by natural calamities or terrorist attacks… To provide much needed subtle relief

Hence at Brahma Kumaris, we specially designate 6.30 – 7.30 pm every 3rd Sunday as ‘World Meditation Hour’… For sending powerful vibrations of peace & love to the whole world!

Indeed, while sitting in meditation, let’s donate the power of good wishes to all, by creating thoughts like:

  • May good happen to all
  • May everyone be benefitted
  • May everyone progress in their lives
  • May everyone become free from sorrow
  • May everyone experience true peace, love & joy
  • May everyone get connected to their Supreme Father once again
  • etc

This radiates powerful vibrations all around, which subtly but surely helps create a better new world!

And we’re the 1st to benefit… Since creating such pure elevated thoughts even for a few minutes, makes our stage very light, comfortable & elevated!

The importance of charging!

The mobile is one of the greatest inventions, since with just a touch of a button, it allows us to call & message people, browse the internet, click pictures, listen to music, call a taxi, etc… However, all this is possible only if the phone is charged, with the phone being almost useless without charging… Similarly, even our mind has tremendous potential to excel in all aspects, but only if it’s charged… Hence, let’s devote atleast some time to charge (ie empower) the self, through spiritual knowledge & meditation!

Indeed, the soul is like a battery, and God the powerhouse… Hence, let’s keep connecting to the Supreme frequently, to remain full of all spiritual energy & powers!

Experiencing God

Although there’re all types of radio frequencies in the air around us, in order to listen to a particular radio station, we need to connect to that particular frequency… Similarly, God’s vibrations are continuously radiating towards us, we just need to connect to His frequency ie stabilise in soul-consciousness, to catch & experience His divine vibrations!

Most of us have experienced Telepathy at some point… ie we’re thinking of someone & his call comes exactly at that time, or he comes at the door, etc…. Similarly, let’s keep our mind so silent that we experience Telepathy with God ie catch & receive His divine touchings!

Indeed, while we may get an engage tone when using the telephone to call others… We never get an engage tone with God, who’s always available for us 24×7, with all His divine knowledge & powers!


Hence on World Telecommunications Day today, let’s keep full attention on our thoughts, in the awareness they’re getting transmitted… At the same time, let’s start communicating to God by connecting to His frequency through soul-consciousness… This keeps us full of His divine guidance & powers, which automatically benefits everyone around too, hence helping bring the ever-pure land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Many popular quotes mention how although communication has become easier, the actual heart-to-heart communication has reduced ie relations have weakened… Hence, let’s also build harmonious relationships with all!

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