Spiritual Inspirations from Trees | Happy International Day of Forests | Speech on World Forest Day | World Forest Day Quotes

Spiritual Inspirations from Trees | Happy International Day of Forests | Speech on World Forest Day | World Forest Day Quotes image

Spiritual Inspirations from Trees | Happy International Day of Forests | Speech on World Forest Day | World Forest Day Quotes

21st March is International Day of Forests. Hence, today provides an excellent opportunity to take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from trees!

The best contribution!

Every part of the tree gives, be it through wood, fruits, shade, shelter to birds, etc… Similarly, let’s also keep giving to all through our thoughts, words, actions & interactions!… Such that everyone feels comfortable & homely in our presence!

Trees purify the atmosphere, and provide a very cool shade amid the scorching sun… Similarly, in today’s world of stress & tension, let’s become so pure & divine that everyone experiences their original virtues (of peace, love & happiness) in our soothing presence. .. Also creating a beautiful atmosphere around us!

The beauty of virtues!

Indeed, let’s become like fragrant sandalwood trees & share our fragrance i.e., beautiful vibrations of divine virtues with all… Let’s also become as beautiful & scenic as gulmohar trees, by always maintaining a genuine happy smiling face (by keeping a happy smiling mind!)

Indeed, inculcating the inner beauty of virtues within, automatically reflects outside through a sparkling smiling face!

The strong roots of trees help prevent soil erosion, which benefits the civilisation there… Similarly, let’s become such strong torch-bearers in society that values never get eroded in our presence!

When a storm comes, the tall stiff trees get uprooted while the small bushes are protected… Similarly remaining humble keeps us protected… Indeed just like a tree with more fruits droops (i.e., bends) down, let’s become more humble, the more we achieve in life!

Building Harmonious Relationships!

Each leaf of a tree is unique & different, but we never complain why… Similarly, the beauty of this drama of life lies in the fact that each & every soul is unique, hence rather than resisting differences, let’s recognize & appreciate the unique role of all!

The tree requires a fertile ground to grow… Similarly, we need to develop a fertile land in the minds of others through the power of good wishes & pure feelings, before planting the seed of directions & instructions… This ensures our advice yields the right good fruit.

Indeed, like the gardener nourishes his plants with so much love, let’s also nurture & sustain everyone around us with a lot of love!

Best Practices

One fruit contains limited seeds, but one seed has potentially unlimited number of fruits (since we don’t know how many trees, fruits & then further seeds & so on it’ll become instrumental in giving)… Similarly, let’s keep planting the seeds of good karma, since we don’t know how much immense fruit it’ll keep giving in the future!

It’s said the peepal tree gives oxygen in the day as well as in the night… Similarly, let’s keep serving others even in our sleep i.e., through our very relaxed stage, pure vibrations, smiling face, etc

A trees benefits us through it’s wood even after it falls down… Similarly, let’s become such that people benefit from our elevated example, character & works even after we leave…

The beauty of Spirituality!

Even if we throw stones at a tree, it gives us fruits in return, because that’s what it has… Similarly, even if someone throws negative energy towards us, let’s remain very loving & stable because that (i.e., peace & love) is our original nature!

Watering just the seed ensures the whole tree automatically gets nourished… Similarly, just empowering the mind (through spiritual knowledge & meditation) ensures that all other aspects of our life automatically become very simple, easy & natural… Because the mind is like the seed of the tree of life!

All the vegetation becomes very lively, fresh & green when the rain comes… Similarly, the rain of God’s vibrations is continuously pouring in, hence let’s connect our frequency to Him (by stabilising in soul-consciousness) & experience His divine vibrations, to become lively once again!

A wonderful case study!

The ‘Shashwat Yogic Kheti’ (Sustainable Yogic Agriculture) project by Brahma Kumaris is a very novel project… It involves doing focused meditation & channelising God’s divine vibrations into the seeds, fertilizers, farms, crops, etc before doing the farming… This unique model has been adopted by thousands of farmers in the country and the results have been amazing, with numerous prestigious agricultural research institutions in India concluding that the produce from these farms is much higher in quantity & significantly better in quality (inspite of no usage of chemical fertilizers & pesticides) than the corresponding produce without using meditation… This proves the impact of our thoughts & vibrations on even the trees (vegetation) around!… You can watch the official complete 30-minute documentary of this project from here

The World Time Cycle

Trees can be used to understand the world time cycle very effectively:

  • God denotes the seed, the Creator, the Father of all souls
  • Then comes the stem, which denotes the time of Satyuga Tretayuga when all of us were one
  • Then, we started getting divided (i.e., branches & leaves)
  • The tree eventually becomes very old & discharged
  • Then, the seed descends once again to create the new tree i.e., the current time of the auspicious Confluence Age (the small time between Kaliyuga & Satyuga) when God Himself descends to create the new world… This time is going on now!

Conclusion (Speech on World Forest Day)

Hence, God is now Himself planting the sapling for the divine new world once again… Hence, let’s re-connect to God who has descended, by learning His meditation & starting to listen to His direct spiritual knowledge daily, through your nearest Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga Meditation Centre [which you may find from http://www.brahmakumaris.com/centers (India) and http://www.brahmakumaris.org/centre-locator (International)] and start experiencing, under His divine loving canopy of protection, a life of complete peace, love & joy once again!… This elevated present will create the most elevated future i.e., the divine future of Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from water 💦, earth 🌎, trees 🌳, oceans 🌐, fire 🔥, wind ☄️, rain ☔, liquids 💧, gases 💨

Let’s also take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from monkeys🐒, elephants 🐘, lions 🦁, tigers 🐯, giraffes 🦒, cows 🐄, sheep 🐑, turtles 🐢, birds 🐦, honeybees 🐝, pests 🐞, mosquitoes 🐜!

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