Spiritual Significance of Maa Parvati | True Meaning of Maa Parvati

Spiritual Significance of Maa Parvati | True Meaning of Maa Parvati imageSpiritual Significance of Maa Parvati | True Meaning of Maa Parvati

  • The word ‘Parvati’ matches with ‘Parivartan’ ie transformation… Hence, denoting a soul ready to transform
  • The word ‘Parvati’ matches with ‘Pavitra‘ ie pure… Hence denoting a pure soul
  • Maa Parvati is shown with cows by her side… And cow denotes sacredness, life-giving force & ever-giving nature! 

It’s shown that:

  • When Shankar went to the mountains for doing tapasya, she stayed back & did tapasya… Hence, denoting living in this world, yet at the same time making fast spiritual efforts!
  • It’s shown Shankar spoke the Amarkatha to Maa Parvati… This denotes that God shares with us souls (who’ve become discharged at the end of Kaliyuga) that Amarkatha (i.e., the eternal knowledge of the world time cycle), of how we were so divine pure & fully charged in Satyuga, hence inspiring our spiritual efforts to become similarly elevated once again!

Conclusion (Spiritual Significance of Maa Parvati)

Hence from today, let’s start transforming ourselves towards purity … i.e., whenever we experience even a slight trace of sorrow, let’s quickly check & change our thoughts…. And alongwith, keep giving atleast 15-20 minutes time daily for empowering the self i.e., for listening to spiritual knowledge & meditation… Even this simple effort makes us progress very fast towards our aim of maintaining an elevated state of mind always, thereby also benefitting everyone around… Hence, making us instrumental in bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Spiritual Significance of Lord Shankar 

Maa Parvati is shown as the consort of the deity Shankar… Hence, let’s also understand the spiritual significance of Lord Shankar. 

Spiritual Significance of Lord Shankar image

Shankar basically denotes the meditative stage of souls at this auspicious Confluence Age… And is always shown:

  • In a meditative pose… Hence, denoting connecting to God & becoming full of all powers!
  • Meditating on (i.e., taking powers from) the Shiv Ling… Hence, clearly showing the difference between Shiv & Shankar
  • With a snake around his neck… Denoting becoming completely victorious over vices & weaknesses
  • With a damru (ie drum)… Hence, when we become perfect & divine from within (by finishing all weaknesses), our every thought word & action serves & benefits everyone around!
  • As a hermit (with less clothes, sitting on tiger skin, etc)… Hence, a meditator (by becoming full of the experience of peace love & joy) becomes free from external dependencies, thus has very less needs & almost no wants i.e., a life of contentment & simplicity!
  • When he opened his 3rd eye, the whole world got destroyed… This denotes becoming full of spiritual knowledge (symbolised as opening of the 3rd eye) which finishes all the weaknesses from within us!

Om Shanti!

Shree Ganesh is shown as the child of Maa Parvati & Lord Shankar… Hence, let’s also understand the spiritual significance of Shree Ganesh

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