Spiritual Significance of Navratri

Spiritual Significance of Navratri imageThe wonderful festival of Navratri has come again … Hence, wish you a very very Happy Navratri!

From today, let’s understand the spiritual significance of Navratri … So the festival not only lasts a few days, but leaves a permanent benefit in our lives!

Spiritual Significance of Navratri

Navratri is the festival of invoking the Shaktis to kill the demons… This just means emerging our inner powers, to finish the vices & weaknesses within!

And to emerge the inner powers, the easiest technique is to connect directly to the Supreme… Hence, a soul (ie energy, Shakti) which connects to the Supreme Soul (Shiv) becomes a Shiv Shakti i.e., powerful enough to become victorious over the weaknesses within!

And each power we receive from the Supreme, is represented by a specific Shiv Shakti (e.g., Maa Saraswati, Maa Durga, Ambe Maa, etc)… Which we shall explore in detail in the coming days

Navratri contains the word ratri (ie night)… Because it’s only in the dark night of Kaliyuga, God Himself descends, hence enabling us to re-connect to Him & finish all weaknesses!

Navratri is a prime example of spiritual women empowerment in Indian Culture… Hence, let’s keep the same elevated vision (that we have for the Shiv Shaktis) towards all the sisters & mothers (& indeed towards all), to create a life full of divinity & prosperity for all!

Spiritual Significance of Navratri practices

Also, during Navratri, we perform many physical practices, which actually have great spiritual significance behind it… Since these represent important disciplines which help to emerge the powers within… Hence, let’s understand their meaning, to benefit fully from these practices:

  • Fast… Denoting thinking slightly less about gross physical matters, so we’ve more time for connecting to the Supreme… It also means keeping a fast of vices & weaknesses! 
  • Jaagran… Denoting going beyond the sleep of ignorance, and awakening to the eternal truths being shared by God… And when we remain awakened to true spiritual knowledge, it automatically awakens the divine virtues & powers within us, hence leading to a life of complete peace & prosperity!
  • Bhajans praising the Shaktis… Hence alongwith praising, let’s also aim to inculcate the same virtues in ourselves, this’ll be the best way to spend our Navratri!
  • Raas Garba, which is a very harmonious & well-balanced dance… Hence denoting adjusting to everyone’s sanskars, to experience harmonious relationships always
  • Bringing a Garba (which is basically an earthen vessel, with a constantly lit flame inside it) at home… This denotes the soul (flame) in this human body (earthen vessel)… Hence, let’s keep the flame of soul-consciousness (ie the experience of peace, love & joy) lit always, to ensure a life full of divinity & auspicious-ness!
  • Climbing thousands of steps to reach temples at great heights… This denotes constantly climbing the steps of spiritual progress, to keep progressing towards our final aim, of maintaining an elevated state of mind always!
  • Inviting, worshipping & feeding very small girls… This actually denotes worshipping the virtue of purity; hence let’s also inculcate purity in our every thought, word & action!

Conclusion (Spiritual Significance of Navratri) 

Hence today, let’s consider ourselves a soul (Shakti) & keep connecting to the Supreme (Shiv), to remain full of His divine virtues & powers, hence finishing the demons of weaknesses from within us!

Om Shanti!

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