Spiritual Significance of Bahuchar Maa

Spiritual Significance of Bahuchar Maa photoSpiritual Significance of Bahuchar Maa

Bahuchar Maa is shown seated on a cock… Which wakes up everyone early & then goes to sleep itself… Hence, denoting becoming victorious over this weakness, of preaching something else & practising something else!

And is shown:

  • With scriptures in hand… Denoting a truthful soul i.e., whose thoughts words & actions are in harmony!
  • Giving blessings… Hence, in such a truthful state, our good words have a lot of power… Hence, benefitting others immensely i.e., are blessings in the true sense!
  • With a sword & trishul… Hence, instantly finishing any wrong thought that may arise, to ensure the most elevated thoughts always!

Conclusion (Spiritual Significance of Bahuchar Maa)

Hence today, let’s realize the main reason for disharmony between thoughts & actions is lack of power to implement the right… Hence, let’s remain connected to the Supreme, to remain full of spiritual power (enabling us to remain in the constant experience of peace, love & joy!)… Which automatically makes our actions too flow in the right direction… Hence, this truthfulness in our thoughts words & actions becomes instrumental in bringing the 100% truthful divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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