Spiritual Significance of Chamunda Maa

Spiritual Significance of Chamunda Maa photoSpiritual Significance of Chamunda Maa

Chamunda Maa means victorious over the demons Chand (denoting the seemingly attractive vices of lust, greed & attachment) & Mund (denoting the ferocious looking vices of anger & ego)… And is shown:

  • As old-aged… Hence, when we consider ourselves a soul (which is ageless), we can win over all the vices (i.e remain in the constant experience of peace, love & joy)! 
  • With an owl… Which remains awake in the night… Hence, denoting waking up slightly early to practice powerful early morning meditation, which makes it very easy to win over vices! 
  • With a damru (drum)… Hence, remaining alert & active (i.e., keeping full attention of our thoughts), to ensure no waste of negative thought starts growing in our mind!
  • Creating fear… Hence, let’s become so pure & divine, that negativity fears coming in front of us!

Most other features of Chamunda Maa (e.x., fierce nature, skull-necklace, corpse at feet, etc) resemble Maa Kali

Conclusion (Spiritual Significance of Chamunda Maa)

Hence today, let’s consider ourselves a soul & remember the Supreme… This fills us with the divine power of purity, peace & joy… And like darkness cannot exist where there’s light, vices & sorrow cannot exist in the light of our original virtues… Hence, making us victorious over vices in an extremely easy manner, thus helping bring the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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