Spiritual Inspirations from Museums

Spiritual Inspirations from Museums pictureWish you a historic International Museum Day (Spiritual Inspirations from Museums)

Tomorrow 18th May is International Museum Day. Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from museums! 

New things are never put in a museum, it’s old things which are given great value… Hence, even though one’s age may be old, their value is immense… Indeed, as they say, old is gold!

Great care is taken to protect the old things & keep them as they are… Similarly, let’s protect & empower the old people around us!

We’re not allowed to touch the old things in the museum, else they might break… Similarly, let’s avoid touching (ie remembering) old memories of the past, which break our state of mind!

Museums are kept neat & tidy… Similarly, let’s always keep a very clean & pure mind!

Many people visit museums… Similarly, God says many people will come to you for support… Hence, let’s always maintain an elevated state of mind, so that we can fulfil & satisfy the aspirations of all!

Indeed, let’s make our face like a spiritual museum ie always sparkling with happiness & joy… Which shows the way of true happiness to all!

Indeed, while that museum charges a fee for entry, this spiritual museum is completely free of charge!

Some museums contain objects worth millions of rupees… Similarly, let’s enhance our inner value, by keeping ourselves full of spiritual virtues!

Museums need to protect themselves from thieves… Similarly, let’s protect ourselves from the thief of old sanskars, which drains away our energy & happiness!

The showpieces in the museum are kept in a beautiful showcase… Similarly, God says you’re the showpiece in My showcase… Hence, let’s stabilise ourselves in this elevated self-respect point, and remain full of spiritual intoxication & happiness!

Museums have historical significance… Similarly, let’s remember our elevated history of Satyuga, when we were 100% pure & divine deities… This awareness emerges those divine sanskars again within us, hence helping us once again become very pure & divine!

Some museums keep objects used by eminent personalities e.g., swords used by famous kings, etc… Similarly, let’s make our life & character so elevated, that even the objects we use become worth remembering!

Labels are put alongside each item in the museum… Similarly, let’s make our life so elevated that everyone always puts good labels on us… Indeed, let’s never put any negative labels on others!

Many museums keep strong security measures… Similarly, God’s elevated directions are the best form of protection for us… Hence, let’s keep following these to experience an elevated state of mind always!

The walking space of visitors in museums is well set-out… Similarly, let’s keep walking in the footsteps of God ie become like Him!

Museums are important places for tourism… Hence, let’s also experience the spiritual tourism of visiting Mt. Abu (ie the international headquarters of Brahma Kumaris), for a conference specially designed for your specific profession… You may contact me for further information!


Hence on International Museum Day today, let’s remember our elevated history of Satyuga and emerge those divine sanskars again within us… Thereby, let’s always maintain an elevated state of mind & keep fulfilling the hopes & aspirations of everyone around… Hence, this emerging of divine sanskars within, & inspiring others to do the same, will bring the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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