Spiritual Significance of Shradh | True Meaning of Shradh

Spiritual Significance of Shradh | True Meaning of Shradh imageSpiritual Significance of Shradh | True Meaning of Shradh

It’s the days of Shradh going on… Hence today, let’s understand the spiritual significance of Shradh.


During Shradh, we offer food to our ancestors & feed it to others around, with the intention that the fruit of this good karma will go to our ancestors.

The science behind this is whatever thoughts we create for them, those vibrations reach them.. Hence this practice was created, so that even in our busy schedules, we spare some time for sending good thoughts & vibrations to the departed souls.

Since these pure thoughts & vibrations help them immensely in their journey ahead (in their next birth)

Making Shradh successful

During these days, it’s natural for the memory of these souls to come often… Hence, let’s resolve that whenever their memory emerges, we’ll only create gratitude, good wishes & pure feelings for them, to make their journey ahead easier!

Indeed, let’s keep sending powerful vibrations of peace love & joy to them!

And to give anything, we first need to be full of it ourselves… Hence, in order to send vibrations of peace & love, I first need to be full of it myself… Hence, let’s keep connecting to our Supreme Father who’s the Ocean of these virtues, so that we naturally keep radiating these vibrations everywhere around!

Remaining protected from negative!

While it might seem natural to feel sorrow, etc during this time… But when we truly realize that even this is reaching & affecting them, it becomes very easy to transform our thoughts towards the positive! 

It’s important not to create guilt in any form, e.x., because of not being able to fulfill their last wishes, creating anger for them when alive, etc… Since this sends further negative vibrations to them… Hence, let’s now send only the purest vibrations to them, which heals everything!

Understanding Shradh accurately

Many specially cook their ancestors’ favorite food for offering in Shradh… Now, it’s easy to understand that the physical food can’t reach the subtle soul… But our thoughts & vibrations for them (including while cooking & serving) definitely do!.. Hence, let’s also ensure the purest & most positive thoughts for them!

The soul has actually taken birth somewhere else, hence he definitely can’t come back in any way for accepting the food… But our thoughts still reach & communicate with them, regardless of any barriers of time & place!… Hence, let’s always send the right & most empowering messages to them

The fruit of any good karma done always goes to the one performing the good karma i. e., the fruit cannot be transferred to someone else… Hence, it’s not possible that we do the good karma, & the fruit goes to them… But we can definitely empower them with powerful good wishes, helping them create the most elevated karma & fortune for themselves!

The above points are important because we get many questions by souls (who are simply unable to afford, give physical presence, etc for the required Shradh ritual) whether it’s OK if they can’t perform the required ritual… The answer is it’s absolutely fine, if you’ve understood the true intention behind Shradh, remember them with a lot of love, send very pure & powerful vibrations to them, etc

Meditation Commentary for Shradh

I take a few moments to slow down my thoughts… I the soul, point of light… Master of this body… Creator of every thought & feeling… I’m a Peaceful being… Child of the Ocean of Peace… I remember the departed soul… The beautiful moments we’ve spent together… I remember their virtues & specialities… & thank them deeply… May you progress in your new life, may you be happy always..

I connect to my Supreme Father… Ocean of Peace & Love… Am getting filled with His divine vibrations… I now emerge the departed soul, & send these pure vibrations of peace & love to them

Visualise these very pure vibrations reaching them… And helping them immensely

From now, I’ll never create any vibrations of sorrow for you… Will only create the purest vibrations of good wishes & gratitude… To help create your illustrious future!… Om Shanti!

Conclusion (Spiritual Significance of Shradh)

Hence today, rather than just focusing on physical aspects, let’s realize that every thought we create for our ancestors reaches them… Hence, whenever we remember our ancestors, let’s only create powerful thoughts of gratitude & good wishes… Since these vibrations help them immensely in the journey ahead… Further, let’s remain connected to our Supreme Parent God, to ensure we remain full of peace love & joy always, hence also radiating the same to them… Indeed, this also greatly empowers our mind & we naturally keep serving everyone around, hence helping bring the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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