Happy Makar Sankranti (Kite Festival)

Today, 14th January is Makar Sankranti. Hence today, let’s explore some interesting aspects connected with this joyous festival.


Today, we will make, eat & share Til (sesame seeds) laddus… This laddu consists of several individual Tils bound together by the jaggery / sugar… Hence, we can interpret it as all of us souls (who are tiny points of light, same in form as Til) bound together by the power of unity


Hence, along with eating these sweet laddus & chikkis, let’s make our words also full of sweetness.


Today, the sky will be filled with a variety of colorful kites, which makes the festival enriching… However, if all the kites were of the same color, shape & size, it would be boring… Similarly, this drama of life is beautiful only because all of us are unique, special & different… Hence, instead of resisting, let’s accept the differences & appreciate the uniqueness of all, thus leading to harmonious relationships.


Many of us will fly lanterns in the late evening / night, which look very beautiful in the night sky… Hence, in this dark night of Kaliyuga, let’s also become such pure sparkling divine lights, showing the way to all!


Everyone likes flying the kite, but few prefer to hold the firki… Hence today, although we may be achieving great heights (ie our kite is flying high), let’s not forget those who have acted as the backbone for us (ie those holding the firki), including God, our parents & teachers, etc


A kite’s able to fly high only when it’s bound with the string & connected to the ground… If the kite says I don’t want to be bound, it’ll fall… Hence, we learn that however high we may reach & achieve in life, we need to be always grounded with humility & gratitude, else we’ll fall down


Indeed, let’s give the string of our kite (life) in God’s hands ie keep listening to Him, remembering Him & following His elevated directions… This will ensure our kite keeps soaring high in the sky always!


Hence, the very best wishes to you for success in life as high as a soaring kite!


Hence today, let’s remain stabilised in soul-consciousness (ie form of Til), keep thinking & speaking sweet always (like Gud ie jaggery), give our string in God’s hands, & hence experience the highest success in our lives ie remain full of the experience of our original virtues of peace love & happiness always, hence becoming instrumental in bringing the ever-happy land Satyuga once again!
Om Shanti!

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