Spiritual Inspirations from Rock Paper Scissors | World Rock Paper Scissors Day

Spiritual Inspirations from Rock Paper Scissors | World Rock Paper Scissors Day pictureSpiritual Inspirations from Rock Paper Scissors | World Rock Paper Scissors Day

Tomorrow 27th August is World Rock Paper Scissors Day (which is a very simple game)… Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from Rock Paper Scissors!

Introduction to the game ‘Rock Paper Scissors’

It’s a game, where we effectively choose (using hand gestures) either of Rock Paper or Scissors, and so does the opponent… Then:

  • If both choose the same object, it’s a draw
  • If one chooses scissors & the other rock, the rock wins (since it can crush the scissors)
  • If one chooses paper & other rock, the paper wins (since the paper can wrap around the rock)
  • If one chooses paper & the other scissors, the scissors wins (because it can cut the paper)

Spiritual Inspirations from the Game

Hence when choosing any option, there’s a ⅓ probability each of winning, losing or draw… However with the power of spiritual knowledge & meditation, there’s a 100% chance of becoming victorious ie remaining stable & happy in every scene of life!

Rock Paper Scissors is a game of chance… But life is a matter of choice, hence let’s perform our every act in the awareness ‘I’m the Choser’ to remain powerful & in control!

The outcome of the game is almost entirely beyond our control… But in life, we just need to remain in the awareness ‘I’m the Master’, to be in full control over ourself!

Rock Paper Scissors can be abbreviated as RPS… And RPS can also denote ‘Remembering I’m a Peaceful Soul’… Hence, let’s keep this awareness, to remain very light & relaxed throughout the day!

Playing RPS requires no objects… Hence, again proving objects don’t give happiness, but it’s the thoughts we create in response to getting the object which determines our happiness!

Life is simple!

RPS can be played in just a few seconds… Similarly, God teaches us how to experience peace love & joy in a second ie Rajyoga Meditation!

The concept of this game is very simple… Similarly, the concept of life is also very simple, to keep experiencing & sharing the experience of peace love & joy with all!

Life is also a game.. Hence, let’s empower our mind, to be able to accept & enjoy this game of life!

Spiritual Inspirations from Rock, Paper & Scissors

If both choose paper (using hand gestures), it looks like a handshake… Hence, let’s become friends with all!

If both choose rock, it looks like a fistfight… Hence, let’s avoid fighting with others!

Scissors are sharp… Hence, let’s adopt a sharp & far-sighted vision in life!

Paper can wrap around the rock… Similarly, let’s wrap ourselves around God’s remembrance!

Rock can crush the scissors.. Similarly, let’s crush (ie finish) our old sanskars of sorrow!

Scissors can cut the paper.. Similarly, let’s cut (ie settle) our old karmic accounts, through the power of God’s remembrance, which spreads very powerful positive vibrations all around!

Best Practices

Everyone likes playing games… Hence, let’s play the game of the mind… ie maintaining our happiness & stability always, irrespective of the different types of challenges coming from outside!

Losing a game of RPS is no big thing… Similarly, even if we experience failure in an exam interview or project, it’s not a big thing as there’s always a second (or better) chance!… This awareness keeps us fully motivated, hence greatly increasing our chances of success ahead!

There’s no such thing like paper scissors ie scissors are always made of metal… Similarly, there’s no such thing like good stress, healthy competition, etc… Hence since these emotions never feel comfortable inside, they can never result in true holistic long-term progress!

Conclusion (Spiritual Inspirations from Rock Paper Scissors)

Hence today, let’s wrap ourselves around God’s remembrance ie keep experiencing a powerful current of peace love & joy from God… Which crushes old sanskars & cuts away all past karmic accounts of sorrow… Then, let’s also keep performing elevated karma of spiritually serving others, in the awareness ‘I’m the Choser’… Hence, this self-progress & serving others will bring the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from chess, skating & playing!

RPS is played using the hand… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from hands!

Paper is made from trees 🌳… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from Forests & trees!

Rocks are a part of earth 🌎… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from planet earth!

Thanks for reading this article on ‘World Rock Paper Scissors Day’!

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