Concluding Thoughts – Celebrating Diwali Always! | Happy Diwali Greetings

Celebrating Diwali Always! | Happy Diwali Greeting card imageConcluding Thoughts – Celebrating Diwali Always! | Happy Diwali Greetings

This is the last post of our ‘Spiritual Significance of Diwali‘ series

In this series, we’ve explored the spiritual significance of diyas, rangolis, lights & lanterns, house cleaning, Laxmi puja, sweets, snacksbuying new things & gifts!

In addition, we’ve also understood the spiritual significance of Diwali, New Year, Labh Pancham, Dev Diwali… And The Art of Earning Wealth + Blessings (Dhanteras special) & experiencing God as Supreme Brother (Bhai Dooj special)

Remaining ever-happy!

We’ve all enjoyed the Diwali holidays… Similarly, let’s also aim to remain ever-happy in every moment of our life, through the power of pure & elevated thoughts!

Indeed, until the next festivals of Christmas & New Year come, let’s make happiness our natural nature… This habit will then become automatic, hence making our whole life a celebration!

The charm & newness of the new objects we’ve purchased must have reduced by now… Hence today, let’s realize that it’s only the right thoughts, which can lead to true everlasting happiness always! 

We’ve started working again, after the holidays… Hence let’s become full of zeal & enthusiasm while working, to automatically enhance our efficiency, creativity & job satisfaction!

After Diwali, many will re-continue their dieting regimes… Similarly, let’s also keep an attention on the diet of our mind, by putting only pure & positive information inside us!

Illuminating the lives of all!

We’ve loved meeting many distant relatives & friends during Diwali, whom we get to meet rarely… Similarly, let’s also aim to build harmonious relationships with everyone at home, whom we meet daily!

After the day of Diwali, newspapers report how much pollution has increased in metro cities… Similarly, our city also has a collective vibration, influenced by the collective consciousness of each one of us… Hence, let’s practice powerful meditation daily, to automatically radiate very pure powerful & divine vibrations all around!

We must have sent & received Diwali wishes from hundreds of contacts… Hence now, whenever the memory of anyone emerges, let’s create a thought of good wish for them… Although this might sound very simple, but when done every time, it keeps us very very light, & also sends empowering vibrations to them!

Many get tired of replying to every Diwali wish that comes… Hence today, let’s learn the art of using social media effectively, to remain free from social media stress always!

Conclusion (Happy Diwali Greetings)

Hence to make our every day Diwali, let’s keep the diya of soul consciousness ignited always & remain connected to the Supreme Light God … Thus making our life new at every step, filling it with colors like rangoli (indeed, with virtues like Goddess Lakshmi!)… And we also keep sharing the gift of good wishes & sweetness with all… Thus, earning blessings & experiencing benefit at every step!… And not only our own benefit, but also the benefit of the whole world, by transforming it to the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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