Happy Jalaram Jayanti Wishes | Jay Jalaram Bapa Virpur

Happy Jalaram Jayanti Wishes | Jay Jalaram Bapa Virpur photoHappy Jalaram Jayanti Wishes | Jay Jalaram Bapa Virpur

Today is Jalaram Jayanti, who was one of the great saints of Virpur, Gujarat. Hence today alongwith remembering him, let’s also inculcate the same qualities within ourselves.

He was an ordinary person, yet became worship-worthy… Similarly, let’s make our character & purity so elevated too.


He was a normal householder yet achieved greatness… Hence, it proves spirituality doesn’t mean going away from the world, but just means creating the right thoughts & maintaining an elevated stage while being with everybody, so that we end up serving, helping & benefitting everyone around.


He always had a benevolent attitude, wanting to help others always… Spirituality now teaches us that we don’t necessarily need extra time for this, but even during our working day we could keep sharing smiles, talk sweetly, encourage & appreciate, help & co-operate with others, etc… Hence, we earn lots of blessings easily helping us maintain an elevated stage without efforts.


His original shrine in Virpur doesn’t accept donations. Similarly, let’s also aim to keep giving & sharing our original virtues with all selflessly, without wanting anything in return. And since we are the 1st to experience while giving, it helps us remain full of the experience of these original virtues, without any dependency outside!


He used to run a big home, where he would provide food daily to the needy. Similarly, let’s also share with all the food for thoughts i.e., pure spiritual knowledge which satiates everyone’s  hunger of experiencing their original virtues of purity, peace, love & happiness.


He’s always shown with a rosary in neck:
  • Rosary denotes the virtue of unity, with slightly different stones (representing souls) bound together by the thread (of unity)
  • Even if one stone is missing, the beauty of the entire rosary is spoiled… Hence, it denotes that every soul in the world is invaluable without whom this play of life would be incomplete


He was God-loving, and wanted everyone to get connected to God rather than him. Hence, alongwith remembering Saint Jalaram, let’s also fulfill his wish and establish a direct personal connection with God, which keeps us full of all attainments.


He was a strong devotee of Shri Ram, and it’s said people would get cured when he would pray for them…. Hence, when our connection with God is powerful, and we’re filled with His divine healing energy, then even the good wishes we create for others become powerful enough to yield practical beneficial results.

Conclusion (Happy Jalaram Jayanti Wishes | Jay Jalaram Bapa Virpur) 

God reveals the deities in Satyuga were also normal householders, but were 100% pure & viceless hence were saint-like… Similarly, while fulfilling all our responsibilities, let’s also inculcate the same divine virtues within us, by daily listening to spiritual knowledge & meditation, and hence become instrumental in creating Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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