Spiritual Inspirations from Emoji, Emoticons, Smiley (World Emoji Day)

Spiritual Inspirations from Emoji, Emoticons, Smiley (World Emoji Day)17th July is World Emoji Day ie emoticons or smileys day… Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from emoji!

The beauty of a Smiling Face!

The 😇 emoji denotes great joy… Hence, let’s remain happy always!

The word smiley is based on the word smile… Hence, let’s keep smiling always!

We first think about which emoji to apply, then apply… Similarly, let’s keep the most elevated thoughts always, to ensure an ever-happy smiling face always!

The 🙂 emoji is a simple smile… Similarly, let’s inculcate simplicity in our thoughts!

Emojis help make messages more presentable & attractive… Similarly, a happy smiling face filled with purity is the greatest attraction of all, no need for much external make-up!

Emojis are very cute & innocent… Hence, let’s also become a child once again!

Making interactions & relationships beautiful!

The 🙏 emoji denotes Namaste… Hence, let’s greet everyone with a lot of love!

Some put a smiley in every message… Similarly, let’s keep smiling in our every interaction!

The 👍 emoji denotes “Good luck”… Hence, let’s keep giving good wishes & blessings to all!

The 👏 emoji denotes clapping… Hence, let’s always appreciate the virtues & good deeds done by others!

The word Emoji contains the word Ji, which denotes respect in Hindi… Hence, let’s give true love & respect to everyone around, because:

  • It makes us the 1st to feel good inside!
  • Giving respect automatically earns us respect from all

The word emoticon contains the word icon… Hence, let’s become an icon (ie sample & example for all), through our ever-happy smiling face!

Some just reply by putting a smiley (ie without any text)… Hence, we don’t require too many words for good relationships, just need the right energy!

Best Practices

Many mobile keyboard apps have a dedicated Emoji key, hence making emojis just a touch away… Similarly, let’s keep our smile just a thought away!

Some keyboards auto-detect the emojis to use, based on the words we’ve typed… Similarly, let’s keep adapting to the different situations of life, to keep experiencing & sharing peace love & joy always!

There’re a range of emojis available… Hence, let’s avoid going through a range of emotions ie sometimes happy, sometimes sad or hurt… By always remaining very stable with a happy face!

The 😪 emoji denotes crying… Hence, let’s never create even a single negative thought of sorrow! 

The 👊 emoji denotes punch… Hence, let’s punch away our old sanskars of sorrow!

The combination of Emoji (🙂) & bold text looks good… Hence, when we boldly finish our old sanskars of sorrow within, we automatically become ever-smiling outside!

The 😄 emoji denotes laughing… Hence, let’s avoid laughing at others, since we don’t know what they’ve gone through!

The 👍 emoji also denotes acknowledgement… Hence, let’s genuinely acknowledge the support others have always given us in the past!

The ✅ is the correct sign… Hence, rather than correcting others, let’s give them the correct sign… ie give the certificate of contentment to them through our thoughts, that I’m content with you!

Experiencing God’s love! 

The 👆 Emoji is used to refer to the message above… Similarly, let’s always keep our finger pointing upwards towards God ie direct all praise towards Him!

The 😊 emoji denotes a blushing smile… Similarly, let’s keep smiling always, keeping God’s love in our heart!

The 😴 emoji denotes sleeping… Hence, let’s always sleep in God’s remembrance!… To enjoy the most high-quality stable sleep, free from any disturbing dreams!

The early smileys consisted of just letters [ : – ) ; – ) : – D : – p ], and now emojis have progressed to become very rich… Similarly, let’s also keep progressing fast in our spiritual journey of maintaining an elevated state of mind always!

The 🙏 emoji denotes worship… Hence, in this auspicious time of Confluence Age (ie this small time between Kaliyuga & Satyuga where God Himself has descended), God says I’ve come to make you worship-worthy… Hence, let’s keep following God’s elevated directions with a lot of love, to become most elevated again under His divine leadership!


Hence on World Emoji Day today, let’s keep smiling always by remaining connected to God… Then, let’s also keep sharing good wishes, appreciation & respect with all… Hence, this wave of positivity inside & outside will bring the ever-positive divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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